Thursday, November 24, 2011

Who needs fingers?

Last night while sitting in the living room with the wife I figured I'd work on a few things. But with the day I was having I should have just chilled. I was cutting hesperax's head off for a conversion and wasn't ready for the final cut through. The finecast got me. I went through and jammed my knife over halfway into my finger. I made such a horrible noise I woke up my daughter and scared my wife half to death. Thankfully it was sharp so it was a clean cut but it bled like hell. So now my finger is all wrapped up and is sore haha. Be extra careful when cutting finecast! Oh yeah. I also wouldn't recommend milliput for use with blu stuff. It's too hard once dry and destroys the blu stuff mold. If u are in the US have a happy Turkey Day!!!

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