Friday, May 30, 2014

Eldar in 7E - Deep Dive

Eldar in 7th Edition
I've been trying to write something up about the big seven but I usually run out of steam and move onto something else. So I started a post and have been adding to over a few days, and it's pretty much done. This is mostly bias towards the Eldar as it's my main but will of course cover other things as well.

So how are boys after the new rules have come out? Like most of the armies they have gained in some areas and suffered in others but over all they have come out pretty well. Sadly for may an opposing player the SeerStar is still running strong and may even be stronger then it was before (how it handles the new armies people will be fielding will show in time though). But lets get into some of the things I've noticed, mainly rules changes that will affect the Eldar in large.

I'll probably keep updating this as I go along.. as I've started getting into it I'm getting too much info haha..

Jink ->
Pros - It now grants 4+ Cover and you don't have to move. So that first turn you can get a jink save should you need it.
Cons - If you jink you snap shot next turn and you have to declare if you are going to use it before they roll to hit. So you could jink and they roll poorly missing you completely, they still got you to snap next turn.
Mitigation - Use LOS, sometimes that will be impossible but by using the board and even your own models you can still keep yourself somewhat covered. Pick a Wave Serpent and have him take point, other models can stick behind him. They will get cover from him and remember your have that serpent shield, depending on what it shooting at you it might be a better idea to just convert it to a glance (if you have the HP or haven't fired). It just requires more calculation now,..

Everything Scores ->
Pros - This is a big bonus for the Eldar actually. We have a lot of units that are fast or just plain hard to stop from getting to where they want to go. If you are in a Tournament Atmosphere and there is a time limit going second can really be your friend. And if you have Objective Secured even better. You Wave Serpents score now, if a troop transport is a dedicated trans it also scores and uses Objective Secured. Bonus. Depending how you build your list you can take less actual troops choices or you can flood people with them. Three squads of Dire Avengers riding in Serpents is now six OS secured units.
Cons - You opponent will have more scoring units as well. With vehicles being a little tougher look for OS troop Land Raiders to be a thing. People love their LRs, me being one of them when I'm using them haha.

Blasts Templates ->
I've found nothing in the book about them and levels, so as of now it looks like they will hit everything under them no matter what level they are on.
Pros - Good for Prisms, Night Spinners and other Blast units.
Cons - Against guard or other heavy template armies it could hurt.

Area Terrain ->
I keep seeing people saying there is no longer area terrain. That is not true, it actually can be more and better. If you are trudging around in ruins it's a 4+ now. There is no longer generic Area Terrain but you can pretty much make up your own and just use the options they give you to base them out. Maybe a bid to sell more terrain or just adding in variety. You and your opponent just agree to what things are before the game starts. Ex. Say everything that isn't a Ruin and has a base is a Battlescape or Twisted Corpse or just use it's rule. Area Terrain.

Psychic Phase -> (the big change)
I see a lot of people saying they think it's great but I'm not a fan of it. I'm fine with the Psychic Phase coming back but to me there was nothing wrong with the Leadership Test method. Sure I hated using one Warlock and not getting the power off or straight up dying but this is going to be a headache. There are so many other things to change that were/are actually issues. I think this will end up making a larger imbalance to the game. I'm sure they will work things in for armies that don't use Psy but the fact it will have to be addressed makes it a mess to me (how is 30+ WC to someones D6 going to work? not balanced I'd think) . Guard will have a huge buff! They have orders that can't be stopped plus they have access to Psy powers as well. Their cheap weak Psykers will be quite efficient. Next up, summons, and this could end up being terrible. The math is out there and summon armies appear to be working. Tourneys with time limits are really going to be the killer here, you may get in three turns.. all I can say is hopefully go second and then hope you can cover those Objectives as the time runs out haha. But for a fun weekend game I'd probably just not play someone with the list, that seems like a long game with very little return.

-> Deny the Witch - Unless you have some serious luck you aren't going to stop much.
-> You can only cast Witchfire Psy inside a transport. So for Eldar no Psy in a transport because you have no fire points. Another Psyker can deny your from anywhere on the board with LOS or not .. they just know you are going to do it and try to stop it but you can't even buff your own unit as you coast on down the road? I don't get that one at all.
-> Warp Charges - This is now a lot more to keep track of, your own WC and your opponents. Hopefully the person is on the up and up but twice a turn you'll be playing this number game. I love maths.. random maths..
-> Invisibility - This could be crazy, SeerStar may be even more brutal.

Psychic Questions -> 
Wording is again Odd.. They seem to keep saying select a Psy Squad and that Squad can only manifest the power once. Hrmmm.. that seems to open up a lot of questions.
Is the Squad Casting the power then?
Say it's a squad of 1 Farseer and 3 Warlocks.
> They cast Guide, who really casts it?
> They are using the communal WC Pool and Dice so that part doesn't matter but what if there is a perils. Does everyone get to use the effect of the Ghosthelm?
> Since they are in a squad it looks like it would be the highest Leadership so 10 if a LDR test is required. The old blurb isn't there anymore.
> One of the Locks(I guess it's him) casts Destructor, no one else can? Well that could stink.
> They are bought as a squad then broken up if you choose, since they are a squad can they not have duplicate powers? And would you want them to if they are kept as a squad. Awesome I have three Warlocks with Destructor but only the one can cast it haha..

To me the way they worded it makes it totally confusing. Instead of saying select "squad" just say "Psyker" unless that's how they mean it and the group works as a whole. And if so do they all get the benefits of the wargear? Only armies with a lot of Psykers would probably have to think of this but I'd think others could also have some confusion. Whenever wording is vague rules get confused. Sheeshh..

Allies ->
I like that Allies of Convenience isn't as crazy as it was before and now limits some combos. Well except Imperial, they will be all over the place and most likely very strong because of it. The only thing I don't like is the Come the Apoc, I think they should have to roll every turn to not open up on one another (every unit taking some hits or something) or break(screw you were out of here!). Though I do think it's the start of something good.. they always seem to have a good idea and start to work towards that goal then either say goods good we play tested two games it must work, roll it out, or just get bored of it all and off to the printers (we can always FAQ it later... or not... yeah more of the not most likely). I'm not really sure how GW does it behind the scenes but I'm thinking it might be one of those or maybe even a mix of both.

Units Affected by the change ->
Wave Serpent -
Jink which was pretty much covered above.
They are Objective Secured units if selected as a dedicated troop transport but score either way.
A 30" move (12" move then go Flat Out) can get you where you need to be, quick.
Warp Spiders -
They are fast and are survivable (unless you're me and teleport into the void regularly haha)
They aren't OS but they score and can take an open Obj or Contest a non OS too.

Swooping Hawks -
To me these guys got the biggest boost, they can land anywhere they want, Boom.
Don't OS score but score and contest. With no scatter you know exactly where you want to be and you'll be there. Just keep them alive.
Jetbikes -
Jink which was covered above.
Can be OS, they took a small speed knock. 48" is now your max, if you turbo boost you no longer get the extra 2D6 move in the assault phase. But 48" should get you there!
Warlocks -
Now get two powers, you are going to get Conceal and Reveal for free now.. you are focused! haha
You can roll 1 die and hope for the 50% chance but no peril chance or you can up the dice and increase your chance. I hated casting with these guys at Ldr 8. Now it would only affect you if you peril and if you are into a squad with a Farseer you can now use his Ldr.
Spiritseers -
They can get three powers now if focused.
If you play Iyanden it will actually be harder to get off the Voice Power as it's WC2. Unless you take the Stone.
Makes Wraithguard/blade units troops and then have OS.
WraithGuard/Blades -
With the addition of a Spiritseer they are now troops and have OS, this can be a very lasting troop choice!
If a Psyker with Inivis joins these guys they will be super tough. But could be sucked into a tarpit, blades having more CC attacks would fair a little better against that tactic.
Fire Prism -
There is nothing in the book about levels for blasts (at least that I could find.. and I really looked 8)) So now you'll hit everything under your blast. BOOM.

Wraithknight -
With the change to terrain and Ruins giving you a 4+ the move through cover (no rolls for dangerous) and keeping a toe in will give you a 4+ Cover Save now.
Eldrad -
If he's focused he'll have 5 of 7 powers in a select tree.
His Warlord Trait while not my favorite can be useful. If you go second getting that stealth bonus can be nice, especially if you are playing Nightfighting .Stealth in the first turn if you go second and someone is playing Pods or other Alpha Army helping you to weather the storm. If Nightfighting is in affect then you save it till for another turn, you are caught out or use really need to survive shooting on an objective for a turn.
His relocation is always nice.
He's Mastery 4, more dice and better shutdown.
He can make Warp Charges!
He's expensive but has a lot of kit so might be a choice if you want a Seer on foot.
War Walkers ->
The rules themselves haven't made them better but how I see people building lists now will make a very good unit even better. I think there will be more units on the table.I'm thinking there will be more tanks on the table, higher AV tanks that will need to be taken out. You can equip whatever you want but BL for those OS Troop LR's that will be rolling onto the table or you can load them up with a ton of Str6 shots to rip those HPs off. Either way I see the War Walker taking another step up..  this is just my opinion though 8)
Dire Avengers ->
Not much but they have counter attack, and that no longer requires a leadership test.

Warlord Traits ->
The new traits are actually pretty decent, better than most of ones in the Eldar Dex.
The Iyandan Traits , Purity of the Soul is now pretty awesome. +1 to Deny the Witch. The main book says no bonuses on non targeted denies but is that ones listed there? Either way you are going to get a boost, but if its even for non targeted too and if you have Fortune on.. yeah. 5+ re-rolls is nice.
Rules not surprisingly are wonky and the new FAQ doesn't mention it (again no surprise).

Items Affected by the change ->

Ghosthelm -
I've seen a lot of people posting out there, oh a perils and Eldar will just ignore it with the Ghosthelm. Well, the way it's written we can ignore the wound but I don't think the effects. So you didn't take that wound but you were sucked into the Warp or lost that power you needed. But as only two of them are really bad it still helps and that's if you fail that leadership test. I'll also went into this more in the Psychic Phase write up above.
The Spirit Stone of Anathlan -
This item got a HUGE buff in my book, I never took it before as I didn't see it being all that useful for what I wanted to cast. But now, taking those warp charges down by 1 is huge. I would usually roll for Doom or Fortune but if I didn't get either after the second roll I'd move over to grab Prescience. Both were casts of 1 but now Prescience is 2, with the Stone it's back to a 1. Other powers that will get a bonus from it - Fortune, Invisibility, and some of the big casts in Daemonology (I won't use them as Eldar would never do that but if that floats your boat it just dropped to WC2) You can't use your 4++ but if you are on a bike your have your 3+ and whatever cover you are going to get.
Runes of Warding ->
One use only which still stinks but getting that extra bonus to Deny the Witch is nice and again if Fortune is on you could lock someone down. Again it's whether it works on non targeted that could make it nice. It could be situational but it could stop a big summon or other critical power. At least it's not as worthless now!
Runes of Witnessing ->
Again still once a game but re-rolling a failed test isn't bad since it will now be harder to get powers off. Only have two dice one that WC2 power? Failed, re-roll. Again, not as worthless as before haha

Powers Affected by the change ->

It hasn't changed but re-rolling your "deny the witch rolls" is pretty nice. I don't know how they will rule it.. would they count each dice as a roll or all of the dice? Of course that isn't on the FAQ but either way that is very nice. (Oh I failed let me try again or Oh I missed with these two let me go at it again)
It's WC 2 now and that makes it tougher to cast (unless you take the Stone)
Makes guide that much better in comparison though, twice the range at half the cost.
Terrify -
Is worse, doesn't ignore fearless anymore.
Psychic Shriek -
Got a slight range boost, a decent power though which you'll likely have if you are going all in to get Invis.

Thats all for now ..  8)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Penny Dreadful

 I got my first Malifaux miniatures done last night, The Judge, a Death Marshal and the Purifying Flame..
 They were all pretty close to being finished before and was only a bit of touching up required. Fixed some of the straps on the judge and cleaned him up some.

 I think he came out looking good and I'm pretty happy with him, I may spray him with a little matte to bring his shine down some. I'm using satin but the trench has a bit of sheen to it. It's not as big a deal as he sits but taking pics it really throws up reflections..
 The Death Marshal was all but done, I just added some green glow to the cobbles under his head. A few minor touches here and there but he's all done up now 8)

 Same pretty much went for the Flame, I added the glow to the cobbles and I think that came out looking very nice..
 I also went back and hit all the tips of the flames to make them stand out more of a yellow. I wanted his core to be mostly orange, he's been burning for quite some time and the bones would heat up. I think it gives him a very angry look, .. now I just need to get his master done haha
For some reason these mini's seem to go much quicker and I don't really have an issue getting them done and done.
 Right now I have Sonnia, Lady J, another Death Marshal and three Witchling Stalkers on deck.. oh and a Rifleman and the DM's coffins. I've been working on them as a whole really.. they all rock a lot of leather/brown and have the same style so the colors spreads between them all.
The coffin for the next Death Marshal is almost done, I'll need to over spray the base and then start on the fine details like splintering and the chain and lock!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Sometimes you should just stay the same ..

 I've been working on the Seer conversion and I need to get him done before Friday of next week. I should have just left well enough alone haha.. I think it's coming out ok but it's taking a lot longer then I thought I was going to spend ..
 The back of the staff isn't as far along as the front but it's getting there..  just so many colors and blends haha.. so many..
 The gold on him is coming along as well. The smaller bits are easier and when they have hard angles it makes the reflections make it easier. The shoulder pads are going to be the tough parts. The reflections on them require way more thought .. and so I test and hate and paint again 8)
I also started playing with colors for the Guardians..

I want it to be black faded into a vibrant blue.. nothing too light so working on what I want the final blend to be. Not much time into them so far..

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Handing out Justice..

Last night I worked on the Judge a little more, getting some of the highlights and details done. He's almost complete now, just a little clean up and I think he'll be ready..The straps on his lower cloak need to be darkened up mainly and a little more work on the sword.

 His wide stance really makes him hard to plop on a base haha.. I went with the one step base to add a little movement to the model.. thoughts it gave more of the old fencing/swordfighting look of old movies.. they loved to travel over all sorts of stuff as they tested their steel. Don't believe me watch a few Errol Flynn movies.. 8)

 The Judge is a very cool model and I'm liking his look.. I need to make the front straps match the back ones 8)..

 I also worked on the Purifying Flame as well.. He's going to be a very quick and east model to finish.. though I am going to spray his base with some orange and yellow to show he is glowing .. I'm also going to brush on a few yellow highlights on the tips of the flames but overall quick and easy to paint 8)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

 For the US it's Memorial Day, and it's about honoring veterans and for me thinking about my Grandfathers that were in WWII. Always cool when I look back at their pictures.. my Grandad is in the middle above and on the right at the bottom. One Grandad was in the Army Air-Force and my other was in the Navy. Respect to all the veterans out there from all over 8)

Friday, May 23, 2014

I think my head is on fire..

I'm pretty close to having a Death Marshal done, For this guy I'll probably have him directly on the base and not on the coffin or have it on his back. I think that would make him crazy wide and I also think it will be cool to mix them up so they don't all have the pine box out and ready..
 The pictures of the Death Marshals have them with a blue white flame but I wanted them to go with more of a green/yellow look. I'll probably add some more highlights to the end of the flames maybe even add in some white tips but now sure.. liking it right now.. 8) I added a little green glow to his chest, arms and legs.. figured having a burning, glowing head would give off some light. Sorry if the pictures are a little blurry .. the camera kept focusing low and to the right..
 The cloak will need a little more blending on the edges and highlights but otherwise pretty close to complete.
 I'm also getting closer on The Judge.. I haven't painted this much leather in awhile haha.. but it's cool and I'm trying to mix and match the colors to make him more interesting. He's got most of the base colors on and blended so now it will be more of getting all the detailing added..  I really wish I would have not glued his head on ..
 I started on some NMM on the sword blade and will have to go back into the hilt for gold. Overall I think he's coming along nicely..
A couple of my friends are going to pick up a crew and we'll be trying to play a few demo/walk through games soon. I have a few cool ideas for some buildings I want to make as well. I swear.. I don't need another large project to get me more busy.. 8) .. but that of course won't stop me.

And 40K 7th will be out tomorrow.. from all I'm hearing now it is more like 6.5 with a Psychic Phase. I was really hoping for more since I bought that Limited Edition 6th Rulebook less then two years ago. After I pick it up and give it a full read though I'll post up some thoughts..  Lately that's all that's been going around the blogosphere so I've been trying not to really even mention it. But since it is here I'll put my thoughts up there.. last year the new Eldar book came out right before Nova and now this year it will be the Rulebook.. 

The Storm is upon us..

 Last night I got in a 1000 point game for the Escalation League, sadly it started a bit late and now I'm paying for it haha.. Much tired .. But it was a good game and it went a little better for my guard this time. Josh had a terrible turn 2 missing or failing to Pen with many a 1 or 2. I was able to take out most of his melta or at least tie them up..
 It was a good and fun game but I still need to brush up on the Guard rules some. That being said I still don't think the Guard is for me. It's not one of the armies that I really enjoy. I love the idea and the Death Korp models but I'm not the blob guy or the fire a million shots to only put a few wounds on models that will most likely save .. even with orders it still doesn't have the feel that I like.
 So not really sure how much the Guard will see the table for me haha.. I just don't think it's an army that matches my playstyle..
 I did actually get some pictures of the game and the boards this time .. 8) .. I think the winter board looked cool with my Guards camo so went with that table .. but here are a few pics of the desert board as well.

I'll post up a few other things today if I have time but figured I'd post up the pics of the game and the board. I'm pretty happy with their final look..

Thursday, May 22, 2014

In a future reality I shall destroy you..

 I finished up some of the small details I wanted to work on before .. it was a few small things here and there.
 I added some blue over glow to the bands on the torso under the arm.
 Added a little more detail to the rear icon and a little over glow to the areas around it..
 I also added a little more Raw Umber to the rear stabilizers.
 I painted the gems on the torso thrusters and to the deck around his neck/shoulder area.

 And worked on some little areas that needed touching up..

So the Wraithknight is ready for the painting comp... that's as far as I'm going to go on him haha..