Wednesday, August 30, 2017

A long and unremembered dream was his...

 Well... it's been so long but the painting table is now officially empty .. Monday night I finished up the last of the touch ups I wanted to work on.
 The Proteus is complete.. it's definitely the quickest model I built for the RG haha.. I think it was 2 days of total work .. building and painting.. It was rushed on some areas but overall I think it looks pretty decent 8)
 The only list I put it in was the Big Blam so that is all the table time Ithink it will see. Unless I tweak a list but right now I'm printing them and damn ... all the copies my take a whole ream. sheeeesh.
 The guns are magnetized ... so it's not glued on limp haha.. makes it easier and safer for travel.. plus can be removed if it get's blown off.

The army is packed up and about to be loaded into the car.. the display is already in there chilling .. I'll be on my way to Nova around 6 tonight and hoping to arrive around 7 ish depending on traffic ..  makes it a ton easier to unload the day before .. the day of is always crazy with everyone coming in! Plus I'll get to BS on a smaller scale..  I doubt I'll go to the GW thing tonight. Easier to just get everything into the room and setup.

If you are going and see me hit me up... I'll be rocking my BMD shirt and probably be wearing an Overwatch hat..  so be safe and see everyone there!

Monday, August 28, 2017

99 percent

 Well... it's 99.9% done .. I trimmed the tops to the right height and added boarder pieces to give it a clean look. I also didn't like the arrows I had added so I made a new overlay that removed them.. I just stayed with the Raven shapes. It adds some subtle details but nothing too overt.

The programming for the lighting is finished up. My friend Scott was determined to get the programs to run via the system clock instead of loops haha.. I was fine with the loops and would have written it up but he figured it out and now they run against the system clock.. the landing patterns, random door lights and the breathing road running lights.
Final Light Program

 Some pics ...

 I added some details to the banner hangers.. some icons on top of the mounts and added end caps to the rods.

 The landing pad doors and inner door lights are red as they are closed but they will flick over to green for a second then go back to red. The main door is reversed since it's open, staying green and flickering to red. They are all on a random cycle within a 20sec window.
 I also added the lens to the inner section of the bunker. The side doors have emergency red lights but the main door is white.

I also build a frame for the bottom of the display that mounts to the cart I use... this will slip over the cart top keeping it in place and has supports for strength so it should be completely solid.
I also got a little touch up work on the Drop Pod interior .. John this is for you ! 8)
 I added highlights and shadows to give it a nice variance.

 John was right it helped a lot .. but it is only a drop pod 8) ..
The Proteus is also almost done. It's the final bit I need to do..  right now the enamels and oils are SUPER heavy and I'm going to bring these down. No arguing guys.. they are way heavy but I applied it quick .. too quick haha... so it's a little sloppier then normal. I was applying enamel and oil at the same time without allowing any drying time which I normally don't do. So I'll be cleaning it up and finishing the gems and lens plus a little powders...  but then it will be complete and that will wrap everything up for Nova.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Hammer of the Gods

 Hey hey .. While I was looking at the guy I made with the lightning claw I just couldn't take it.. he's too stumpy. So I went back to Plan B and last night I finished up this guy I had started and I'm actually pretty happy with his outcome.
 For a one day paint job I think he's pretty good and he will be a new Praetor.. and he'll get some action in the big blam .. a Thunder Hammer will be of great use.

 Its hard to see but I added a little blue to the front of the hammer like there is some power there but it's not be kicked in..  I liked the looks of the hammer without the glow so figured I'd just put the start but not a full glow.
 Whoa.. he's blurry..  well I did a little clean up on the Apoth but Im going to get a little more done on the sword. I also smeared it with black (on the other side) last night haha.. so that has to be fixed. Hint.. always check your figured before you pick up a model 8)
 Here's stubby.. I have to figure out what I'm going to do with him..  but I couldn't handle it haha
And finally in an act of stupidly I started on the Proteus .. it's a good way in so I might get it done but I'm not too worried about it. It gets done, awesome! If not it waits till later..

Saturday I want to have the Display 100% complete.. The wife has granted me the day so it will be a full day to get my final stuff done! I'm looking forward to being done. haha..

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Nova Final Countdown ... 1 week to go.

 It's the final week till Nova 2017 and I have everything mostly done. There are a few bits on the display board I need to weather or touch up but I'll be working on that this weekend to finish everything up.
 I wanted to get a full army shot and also wanted to start working on how everything is going to sit on it. I have most of it figured out but there will be some final details.
 I'm really happy with it and I think it came out pretty solid.

 I'm working on some of the models that need touch ups or just things I want to add. On the Land Raider I added some more streaking to make it blend in with the rest of my army. I also adding the 19th on each side of the front.

 I also added the vehicle number 33.. on the back of the stacks.

I'm still playing around with the lights. I added some Tamiya Clear yellow to it and I'll be adding some white to the lens.

There are still a few models I'm going to touch up.. the Drop Pod.. some of the characters and I might try to finish out a Land Raider Proteus.. haha.. maybe. If I do start playing around with it .. it will only be a whatever. If it gets done cool... if not it ain't no thing.

Added two more pics.. almost forgot to add Corax to his own party! 8)

Monday, August 21, 2017


 The displayboard is nearing completion thankfully! I'll be so happy when it's 100% done haha.. I added in the Fellblade and Mor Deythan for scale as it's kind of hard to tell when it's just out in space.
 The board is big... probably a bit too big honestly but if I went smaller it wouldn't have looked right to me.. still feels cramped a bit but I couldn't make it any bigger then it already is haha..
 I added the side cladding to the walls and the Missile Launcher Bays which are finished but sadly I ran out of Aluminum paint .. I couldn't get anymore as I'll describe later 8) ..
 I also added the border plates to clean up the edges but I'm not 100% on whether I like the gold pieces I put on there. I might just paint them over with black when I paint the top edges I trimmed. I still need to trim the back wall once the cladding is glued on.
 I can't glue on the side battlements until the back wall cladding is done and attached.

 I also made these banners that will hang on the back wall. I was originally going to paint them on canvas but there is no way I'm going to have the time for all that so I just made one up in photoshop.. ordered some parchment paper and printed them.
 I also finished up the other missile launcher and the Comm Sat.
 The platform isn't glued together or finished being painted..
  A MD standing on one of the gantries..
A close up of the banner...
And here is why I couldn't get more paint .. sadly last week I somehow sprained my ankle. Only thing I can think of is I was moving servers around at work and must have tweaked it. So I've been non mobile for almost a week. It's thankfully started to get better thanks to this ankle ice thing a ma jig. It really works! The swelling has dropped down so hoping I'll be fully mobile for Nova... I swear...

I'm close to done so should be all good as long as I don't jack myself up anymore .. 8/ .. but with me you never know! haha..