Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I'm fine, it's not my Blood...

Last night I work on a bunch of scattered things but go the most work done on the Dusk Wolves. I was hoping to have the completely done but still not there. I noticed some small areas that could use a little more work like some of the leather areas need a little more highlight and the stones.
I did add in the Blood spatter and I'm pretty happy with the outcome. I think it looks realistic and not too overdone which I was worried about. When I add in some of the snow on their bases I'll probably add in some drop drops as well.

I aged the metals on all of them as well.
I didn't want to go overboard on them, just age them some. Their armor would get dirty but they always take pretty good care of their weapons. Don't want the Machine Spirit getting all mad at you now do you?

I wanted the chainaxe to be a bit more gory so added a bit more to him. I'm sure it would make a huge mess as it cut through some traitors!

The chainsword guy is also a bit gory haha.. I really need to break out his BP ..

I did the script on them as well, I almost finished them up last night but had to hit the hay. One more night and they will be all done up for sure. I'll have to get a game of some sort in with them soon. Let them wreck a little shop.

I'd have to say I'm really liking them. They have the exact look I was looking for, sadly the pics have been a bit dark to me lately. I really need to install that new light in my spray booth as I'll probably be using that as my photo box as well. I worked on a few other things here and there last night like cleaning and the Airbrushes and just overall getting the table a little less cluttered. Not sure if I'll be posting anything the next few days with it being Turkey Day then shopping at the outlets the next day and then moving my parents into their new house. Busy busy..

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Form Blazing Sword..

Last night I spent about two hours working on the second Wraithknight's sword and shield. I tried about 10 or so different looks trying to make it look like what I had in my mind.

I went with different sections black, some with white.. I painted on some designs I did the edges and tried a ton but I'm still not happy. This morning while riding the train into work I thought of a couple of ideas I want to try. So no it will be another few hours of playing around with them.
I want the edges to really glow and I want to have some ghost shapes/symbols/runes on the blade. Sadly the red was just over powering it. Twice I had something I thought looked decent only to go too far and add way too much red haha..  With this WK I told myself I'm not going to stop playing around in fear of messing it up, If I think it can be better I'm going to push a little bit farther which now appears to mean it will take me a year to finish him haha... hopefully I can cut that down some.. 8)

Monday, November 25, 2013

Feels so Odd..

Saturday night I got in my first trial game of Infinity. I had gotten all my peeps together, primed and did a quick grey fade on them. Mainly to get them ready for painting but also so they weren't just a black blob haha... The game was cool though it does feel very strange to play a different mini game. I can't tell you the last time I played a mini game that wasn't GW related and typically 40K. The different system really through me off at first and I did find it fun I still prefer 40K, be it full games or Kill Teams. At first it was hard to pinpoint but I think the main part of it I didn't really get behind is that you can really just pump a ton of your actions into one guy and for  turn he can just go on a solo mission. Like all the other soldiers standing around and watching Rambo go destroy everything. The test game we played was Anni which Sean did say was basic where most have missions that will require you to do a lot. If that's the case cool I'll give it a shot and see how they go. Not saying I didn't enjoy the game just at odds with some of the rules.

One really nice part about the game is it's quick, so you'll be able to get in a bunch of games pretty quickly. The board also looks very cool being so crowded with all the terrain but be aware you'll need a lot of it. The field is supposed to be a dense city scape and that's what you need to make. If you buy all the buildings it will be costly but will look very nice.

Sadly as I was learning the game I didn't think much on taking pictures other then saying this is where my TO Camo guy is hiding haha
 You can see some of the Infinity style buildings in here. They aren't painted at the moment but they do look very cool.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Pull yourself together man

So, last night I got my Infinity guys together, I wasn't as tired so it went much much better haha. Still annoying but was manageable, I didn't have the feeling that a hammer was a better tool to use on them instead of the glue last night so that's cool...  I originally was going to finish off the Dusk Wolves but these guys were all scattered over my table and just looking at them was ticking me off. So I started to glue them together, I used tweezers to hold one arm while holding the other with my fingers. Worked and they started to come together. Since they were now drying I didn't want to work on the table until they were all cured up.
So that led me to working on some of the new Wraithknight's bits. I sanded and scraped some and basically just got them cleaned and ready to go.
I want to go farther with the Airbrush on this guy and have some cool (to me at least haha) ideas. He will have Magnets for sure but either way he was going to being rocking a sword for pure coolness alone. In game it's pretty weak but it looks awesome. I'll be painting him roughly the same Black and Purple but for the Sword and Shield I want them to have a strong red glow. I also want to use some of the ghosting I did on the first WK's head and make it stand out a little more. I'm want to put in some rune type symbols, we'll see how it looks. It looks like crap and it's gone.
Had a little primer left in the brush so started on the Infinity guys haha.. sadly it wasn't even enough to finish one guy. One a sad and funny note while reaching over to get them I knocked over the Chandra model I had put together. It fell and blasted apart.. not going to lie..  I threw a temper tantrum. Realizing what I was doing informed me that it was now bed time haha.. Looking to squeeze in a game of some sort this weekend ..  hopefully that happens 8)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

SO so small..

Last night was full of annoyance. A lot of it could be that I was very tired and probably should have just went to bed but figured I'd just get the Infinity guys together. But that was not the case, I felt like I was building guardians again. The Infinity models are much smaller then GW, they are what I would think a normal human would look like standing next to a Space Marine. I typically like metal minis better but these dudes won't go together, I'd hold the model for a minute but as soon as I let go it would just fall off. That and they require you to do the glue both arms on and one to the gun just like guardians. But these are much tougher due to the non stickiness of the metal they use. Getting fed up with them I just glue on some of their heads and their feet to bases and picked up the Wraithknight. Started to clean and assemble the chest, arms and head,

Tonight if I have the time and energy I'm going to try to finish up the Dusk Wolf guy I've been working on. I really want to have them all knocked out, they are fun to paint and still have a few trial things I want to try on them.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Anger is a Gift

Last night worked on the Dusk Wolves a bit, nothing too amazing just added some blending and details. They are coming along and want to get them knocked out. I had to fight with myself not to start on the Wraithknight as I have stuff sitting on the table that needs to get finished before I start something that may take a bit to finish.

 On the two that count as "Mark of" and were World Eaters I'm going to add some blood spatter once they are all done up otherwise. There is still some more work that will be done to the metallics as they still look too clean and shinny. I think I'm going to add some rust and soot to them to bring them down some.

 This guy is an Assault dude but I think I'm just going to go with a magnet to be able to switch them out. I'm still in debate if I want to use the old school fan Jump Pack though. I kind of want to use those for BAs..

 I added some oily rust to their rivets to show some age and did a little work on the script but I think I'm going to have to darken them up some as they are blending into the armor.

Overall they are coming along smoothly and are looking cool to me. I love the way their dirtiness looks, exactly how I was thinking for them so pretty happy. Once I have them all done I'll be adding some snow to the bases and they will completo.

As I mentioned the next big thing will be another Wraithknight. I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to pose him, I have an idea but I'm hoping I will be able to make him go into that position haha.. Other then that I think it will be some guardians (blah) some more SMs and also some terrain. I have a pretty cool idea to make some interesting stuff out of my old GI Joe Headquarters haha..  Sadly when I went over to get it from my parents house it looked like they had ran it over, most of my old toys are busted up and of no use anymore. So I'm going to break it down into useful pieces and at least bring it back to life on the table!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I can't see the light..

Lights, always a major requirement but hardly ever a conscious concern. I have been trying to find a lighting system for my spray booth but so far have not come up with anything that solves all of my issues. I never seem to have enough light when spraying and it's getting on my nerves haha. I also want to keep the heat down so I'm not burning my hands off as I spray in there. If you use an Airbrush a lot you know you can be going at it for awhile.

I've tried numerous under the counter lights with varying degrees of success. Some are too dim or too hot, or it will take too many to even be useful. I've stuck with the plug in style so far but I think I'm going to have to up the ante. I think I'm just going to hard wire wall/recess lights in to the booth. I know these will be plenty bright enough but the heat could be an issue for sure. I would just wire them up to a switch and a plug, it's not attached to the wall so I'm not going to run Romex along the cabinet. It would be dangerous and look crazy haha...

To fix the heat issue I think I'm going to look at:

They have them in 4" and 6" .. I'm going to measure up the booth tonight and see if 1x 6" or 2x 4" will work better. I'm thinking the 4" with two would be a better option to battle shadows. That's another thing to think about. You need multiple sources of light or your are going to throw shadows over your work and that will also suck.

Any one else have a good option they use?

Monday, November 18, 2013

Rotating Neutron Star

The Revenant is almost done! Almost, I just need to finish up a few more of the gems on the head and feet (sadly I forgot about them as I did all the ones on the pulsars and main body).
I still need to figure out what how I'm going to handle the hip guards but that can be down the road. I want to get this big hombre in the case for now. I think he is looking pretty cool, the glue is still drying on him in these pics so I didn't want to move him around too much. I'll finish up the gems and then clear him completely. I also worked on his base a bit and it done other then some grass I'll put here and there. I sprayed the ground with Dark Cam Brown and then a Mid brown for highlights. Sprayed the highlights on the rocks and then cut in with black for shadows on the rocks and ground.
I'm going to the hardware store sometime this weekend to see if I can get some glass shelves cut for my display case, while there I'm going to look for something heavy to glue to the bottom of the base. He's pretty heavy and also pretty spindly, a bad combo for staying together..  Hopefully the weight on the bottom will keep him upright. Now I need to get a Apoc game in haha...
I also got my second Wraithknight in and have a pretty wild pose on mind. I was messing with it a little and hope I can get him into that pose.. The proportions of the model aren't the same as a human haha.. The legs are pretty long compared to the arms. I'm going to try to mock it up with Blu Tack and see what it's going to look like. I don't want to start gluing and then realize wow, this looks terrible haha

Friday, November 15, 2013

By my hand....

Before I other obligations had popped up I was planning on playing a Tourney in a couple of weeks and the list I was going to take had two Seers on bikes. That meant I'd have to make another one so I started playing around with some designs on a bike. I think this is coming along pretty nicely. I basically just started drawing lines on the bike. I like the black look but debating on adding some more colors to it, maybe at the tips. I'll probably test it before applying it but either way something else I'm messing with.
Sadly a lot is going on and with the Holidays getting closer quicker then I expected I think I'm going to have to skip the Tourney. It's all good I still need to build another Seer on bike anyway 8)
That's the current look of my table right now, a bunch of marines from all the chapters I use, the Revenant and a couple of Eldar bits here and there. I really need to learn to focus haha... The one thing that is cool is when stuff gets done it's usually a lot done at one time. But from all different armies haha.. oh well.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I judo chop chop chop

 Last night I finished up the Vet, he's all cleared up and in the case with the rest of his homies. If the rumors of everything switching over to plastic that will be awesome. Having some poses like this will be awesome for conversion purposes. The pics have been darker lately for some reason so it's hard to see his lens but they are also done. Finished the blending..
 Finished up all the seals and gold details adding a bit of bright gold to certain areas to bring the highlights out. Also cleaned up the sword a little.
 Did the Thrusters on the pack so he's ready to drop down and punch some faces, well more like cut people in half but you know what I mean.
Felt good painting up a BA, had been awhile and I think he looks pretty good. I really do need to get the rest of the BA I have built painted up but right now I'm all over the place again. I might be playing a small Tounry right after Thanksgiving and if so I'll be back onto the Dar 100%. I'm going to play a fun list something like the one I used against Sean but will probably run two Seers on bikes. But that also means I'll have to make another one up before then haha..