Tuesday, July 31, 2018

I hear you knocking.. but you can't come in..

 This weekend I got some more work done on the pieces for Nova. I started to put in some time into the Dread Drop Pod doors getting most of the Acrylic blending and chipping done. On the outside at least.. tonight my plan is to work on the hazard strips on the inside edges of the pod.
 The black is blended but harder to see as I cleared it with a protective gloss. It will get hit with matte once I'm done but for now it's more of keeping the multiple levels safe. I had forgotten over the past few months how many levels of work it took haha
Base Coat
Clear Coat
Chipping Fluid
Under Color Blend
Clear Coat
Clear Coat
Chipping Fluid
Blend Top Color
Clear Coat
Clear Coat
And that's not counting the time spent masking haha... sheesh.. only having about a month to get some stuff done is pushing it for sure since I still have so much on the house I'm trying to get done. But it is what it is... I should be able to get there as I'm making solid progress on the pod.
 I also added and chipped the Raven Guard Symbol and the XIX on the side of the doors...  (hard to see the 19th on the side but it's there) so add another series of chipping for that 8) I think it is looking pretty good so far. I still have to do the inside of the doors as mentioned and the details then I'll start to go in with the oils and poly..
 I also blended the spines as well so they are almost completely done. I have to finish the detail work on the base and the turbine which I've done a little on but really I don't have a ton more to do other then the weathering which I want to save to do all at the same time. I'm hoping by the end of this week I'll have the pod done and the 20 Tac / Recon guys built... 

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Drop the Base

 Hey hey .. last night I worked some more on the bases and got the worn white ones started and started to add the other metallics to it as well.
 Same with the red... now I have to go through and clean up some of the edges and start to add in the rust and the grime. So these bases will probably only need one more session of work and will be done. Now all I need to do is finish the 20 guys that stand on them haha..

 I also did the weathered white on the tips of the Dread spines. The inner piece will be steel so that's why it looks undone. The parts are moving along and I'm about to start my weathering .. first in 7 months,. haha
I ordered a new Wet Palette and I'll have to say so far I'm pretty happy with it. I've made some and I've used the fine art ones without much luck. Before this I always just dudes dry palettes with additives. I also started using my new glasses 8( .. yup I now officially old. It did help though ... so just have to accept it.

Monday, July 23, 2018

It's time to get some work done! well.. past time actually...

 Hey all! .. long time no work..  it's actually been about 7 months since I've put brush to model. Pretty sad but the move pretty much canceled any ability for me to get something done! NOVA 2018 is only about a month away and I need to get something done. I setup my my painting desk in a temporary location as I haven't finished that room yet. Sadly it's going to have to wait till post NOVA.

I had some plans I wanted to get done for this year but again the move pretty much changed all that. Thankfully I mostly finished up my Sicaran but I do want to add some more final details. I also got the Leviathan Dread pretty far along so it shouldn't take much extra work. But sadly I feel like a lot of rust has built up and I'm going to have to break some of that free first.
 One of the things I want to get done is the Dread Drop Pod to transport the Leviathan to the battle field. But wow this thing is a mess. There are a lot of gaps on it so I'm trying to get it as lined up as possible. I magnetized the doors so hopefully that will be helpful but at least it will make it easier to paint.
 The other thing I had planned was to replace all of the Mark IV Tacticals with the Recon Models. I figure the cloaked look would really fit with the Raven Guard. I'm still waiting on the helmets and shoulders to come in but when they get here I'll be starting on them too. Hopefully, It might be too much as I want to do the digital camo on their cloaks. But as I'm waiting I can still knock the bases out...
 I got some of the new (well they were new about 7 months ago haha) GW industrial bases to mix up the metal look I've been going with for the RG.
 So to get back in the swing of things I sat down to a wonderfully exciting masking session haha.. blah. But, you got to do what you got to do. I'm going to add color to the bases to separate the two squads. One will be a red and the other will be the while color I've been using for the RG.
 I got most of the red bases done but I ran out of time for the white accented bases. I had to get to bed so tonight I'll try to get them done. Once that done I'm going start adding the other metals into the other parts as well as the wiring. Once that's done I'm going to start to muck it up .. this needs to get done but will also get my weathering juices flowing... I need to get my skills back up to par... 8)
This weekend I also got my garage shelves built so I can start to move some of the boxes out of the basement. One more step closer to finishing up the painting room in the basement! Whoot..  Was a pain to build solo but I got'r dun!