Friday, August 26, 2011


Always seems to take me way too long to get new stuff up here. The next thing I really need to do is build a light box for pictures. Everytime I take pictures of mini's I think that but then I quickly forget about it. This time I really need to work on that, the setup I have now usually makes the models dark and muddy. Oh well . I have the Farseer and a Ranger almost complete. For some reason when I sprayed my Matte Clear it came out a bit glossy, more so on the Ranger so after he's comeplete going to try another coat on him.

I'm also almost done my friend's Vulcan Model. Wish his primer wasn't so damn clumpy, it's hard to get every place smooth. And some of the scales on his tunic are all but gone. But.. I think he's coming out looking pretty good. Just the final details and the staff to complete.

And my work continues on the never done Rhino. I usually just grab it when I have a few more mins before I turn the lights off. Added the metal and the scroll on the front. Still need to layer some more of the pigments on it.

As always more pics in the WIP section. Enjoy ..

Friday, August 5, 2011

A little help to a friend

One of my buddies birthdays just pasted and for his birthday I told him to pick someone and I'd paint him up ..  He plays Ultra's (at least in color) but typically uses Vulken as his HQ. So he asked to have to him painted in Ultra Colors..  I kept his cloak green to honor his roots.. I didn't do any prep or prime, He was handed to me as is and I started to get my paint on. About 50% complete so far.

I've also done a little bit more to the test rhino

And also built a new rack for my paints, my table was forever a mess and it was killing me so I built this to hold them.