Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mech pain..

I was spraying some reds last night so I picked up the Blood Angel Razorback I was working on. I sprayed some more highlights and it's ready for the battle damage and weathering. I used the Xarmour kit from the Vindi on it and made an Assault Cannon turret. Looking at it now I need to do the gold trim as well before the weather. but it shouldn't take much longer to finish up. I also sprayed a bit on the Storm Raven but nothing worth looking at. There is so much I need to get done haha.. but I'm going to try and make up a schedule of things I need to get done.

Before the fade ,,. I have to finish up the Dozer Magnets,..

Monday, January 30, 2012

Take to the skies..

A blast from the past. I was looking through some of my old images and I came around this guy.
This is one of the first conversions I ever made. This guys is from 1994 or so. I took two sets of wings and chopped them to make them look spread out wide. I also took the barrel from Baharroth to make it a bit more imposing. Not much with today's standards but for back in the day and with metal I'm still pretty happy with him. I still have enough bits to make a 10 man squad like this. I just have to do it haha ..he could use a bit of a paint update though. he's a little short on blending.
At the time I was pretty happy though. Blending his wings, sash, mouth guard and gun. I painted a hawk silhouette on his helm and added some designs to his knee and feet.

You called a plumber?

A bit more done on the diorama background .. now I have to start working on blending the Ranger in.
I also realized why I hop all over the place all the time. If I’m using a color I’ll pretty much pick up everything that needs that color. I ended up working on a Falcon, Wave Serpent, DW Termies, Diorama, Jain Zar (that was cutting though), Rhino and a Razorback. I went from some blues then pretty much ran all over with metallics. While waiting on some stuff I’d start to glue or cut and trim. Haha .. I did get some time this weekend and was surprised by what little I got done until I realized I got a small bit down on a lot of things haha..

Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm fitted for man or beast..

Last night I finished up the LasPlas turrent for the Razorback. It's pretty simply made.

1) Just chop the Las barrel off ( if you are going to magnetize it leave the brace attached to the bottom of the barrel.)
2) Cut the front of 2 Plasmaguns off right behing the hand grip.
3) Cut a square piece of Plasticard to mount them too ( this was for the fact I was going to magnetize it, and also helps you fit it to the Las base.
4) Glue it all together ( or add mags if you are going to)

I also added an aquila to the rear door.
And I've given this advice to all my friends .. never buy a rhino .. for a few dollars more just pick up the Razorback kit. You get both, And if you don't magnetize your weapons its always nice to have an extra turret. A pretty basic hint, but some people might not have paid it much attention. Especially if they haven't play a SM army yet.
And here are a couple of updated pics of the Termies. Still not finished but a little more color added.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Construction continues..

Some more work done on the Deimos. I got all the black done and need to start on the metallic then I’ll start with the weathering powder.

I also worked more on a Razorback and it’s LasPlas turret. This is the first one I’ve made. I wanted to make it magnetic but I cut the under brace which I should have left attached to the Las Barrel. Now it would look crazy so this one will be glued. I de sprued and filed another RZB and a Speeder last night too.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Forever go out hard ..

The other day my friend gave me a box of old Blood Claws and Grey Hunters. They are old and most of them are smaller than the newer marines but they have some decent details. I’m going to cut some of the torsos off and use the legs with runes and daggers added. There are some nice details on them but some of the them look nuts. It's funny looking at some of the old school stuff. I won't use them all but they will work well for conversions and added flavor.
Last night I worked more on some of the Dusk Wolf Termies but I didn’t get a chance to take some pics. Here are some pics of what I did the other night. Started on the cloaks and worked on the Cyclone Missle Dude. Last night I added details such as red right arm, copper icons and black accents to them.

 I really want to get these guys wrapped up but I've been super busy as of late.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

All is rust ..

I worked a little more on the Diorama background. Added some rust and grease to the pipes and girders, I also started on the wires and lights. I need to add detail to the wires, lights and the tiles on the floor. I think it’s getting pretty close to it being finished and then I can start trying to blend the ranger in.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Shot to the heart, but your too late ..

I finished up the Pathfinder/Ranger I was working on. He’s a little shiny .. the can says Matt Varnish, not so much.  Normally I would just spray it with my Airbrush but my daughter was sleeping. I got some more stuff glued together for the Dusk Wolves and even with my Mask it still jacked up my nose. I’m going to have to get a spray booth just for gluing ..

Friday, January 20, 2012

I think I stepped in something..

I got some of the starting colors on the Dusk Wolves .. So far it's not too much just getting them going. I worked on them and the Pathfinder a bit more last night but didn't get any newer pics. I also cleaned the Land Raider so it can get built and I need to finish putting the Razorback together. So much to do .. so little time to do it in.

I'm still trying to figure out if I want the Launchers to be black or metallic.

Not much on these guys other then the base.. the cloaks are separate till I get their bodies all done up.