Monday, January 16, 2012

Bada Boom..

I’ve been in a building mood lately so some more minis. I’ve also been building the army list I’m going to run so I’ve been trying to equip the army as such. After reading in the Dex about breaking off Wolf Guard to lead other squads I figured I’d start building them.

Cyclone Dude ..
After buying the WG I realized there wasn’t a cyclone in the pack and I didn’t want to have to buy another box of Terminators just for that. I purchased a Ravenwing Bike box for something else and it came with a Typhoon launcher. I chopped the extenders off it and flattened out the base of it. I’ll probably add some green stuff to the underside to lengthen the sides a bit. I also added icons to the side of the launcher and 2x winged skulls to the top (but didn’t take any above shots). I made a piece of tube to join them together on his back but it’s a little hard to see as its clear haha. The launchers may not look straight as I’m looking at the pics now but with him leaning over to the left it just gives it that look. They are as straight as possible.

I wasn’t digging the small shield and arm so I replaced it with a DA arm that normally holds a sword. I chopped the sword and the DA symbol. I also didn’t have a large shield lying around and again didn’t want to buy a whole box or a bit online for a stupid price. SO,.  I pulled it off a BA Termie I had built up a while ago but as I have the Space Hulk figures I have a Sarg with shield. I’ll just replace the BA’s shield with the smaller one down the road.

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