Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Forever go out hard ..

The other day my friend gave me a box of old Blood Claws and Grey Hunters. They are old and most of them are smaller than the newer marines but they have some decent details. I’m going to cut some of the torsos off and use the legs with runes and daggers added. There are some nice details on them but some of the them look nuts. It's funny looking at some of the old school stuff. I won't use them all but they will work well for conversions and added flavor.
Last night I worked more on some of the Dusk Wolf Termies but I didn’t get a chance to take some pics. Here are some pics of what I did the other night. Started on the cloaks and worked on the Cyclone Missle Dude. Last night I added details such as red right arm, copper icons and black accents to them.

 I really want to get these guys wrapped up but I've been super busy as of late.

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