Monday, January 30, 2012

You called a plumber?

A bit more done on the diorama background .. now I have to start working on blending the Ranger in.
I also realized why I hop all over the place all the time. If I’m using a color I’ll pretty much pick up everything that needs that color. I ended up working on a Falcon, Wave Serpent, DW Termies, Diorama, Jain Zar (that was cutting though), Rhino and a Razorback. I went from some blues then pretty much ran all over with metallics. While waiting on some stuff I’d start to glue or cut and trim. Haha .. I did get some time this weekend and was surprised by what little I got done until I realized I got a small bit down on a lot of things haha..


  1. I'm liking the diorama so far. Just the simple wall with him standing in front of it.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thanks, I need to add some powders in and some greasey bits here and there. Then it will be the task of trying to paint him to blend into the background. Hopefully it turns out like what I have in my mind .. otherwise it will end up him just standing in front of a wall 8)