Friday, January 13, 2012

Honor is the gift man gives himself

Last night I finished up the DC guys I’ve been working on. After I took the pics I realized I had forgotten to paint the wires on the Thunder Hammer but that will only take a min. I’m also going to put a decal on the twin sword guy’s shoulder, I just have to print out the decals and mess with that. As I’m going to be printing out the Dawn Wolves symbol I’m going to try and do it all at the same time. They came out looking pretty decent; I was going to do some more detailing but figured they were good enough for the table. I still have to build a few more and get the 10 man squad done but I’m just happy to have them off the table, the other night when I was spraying the Wolves white I was thinking. If I get overspray on these dudes I’m going to be annoyed haha .. so they got priority last night.


  1. Great job as always. I particularly like the flamer and chain sword guy. As you know I'm partial to the flamer but I also like his stance the best. If only that were somebody's head under his foot instead of the girder!

  2. Haha thanks man .. well the next flamer guy I make up I'll put a burnt up skeleton under foot. In your name 8) ..

  3. Sweet!! Nothing looks better to my guys than a burnt corpse.