Monday, February 23, 2015

So many lines..

 It's been hectic for me lately and the things I have to do on the tanks take a bit of time. So I've been a little more reluctant to start on them. This weekend I had a couple of hours to sit down and start working more on the lining of the Wave Serpent. It's a ton and takes awhile to make sure there isn't a ton of overbleed. I added some to the engine stacks and front vents, I'll add a little purple to the lines on the engine but wanted a reflection look on the vent. I've been playing around with this tank to add some other little bits here and there. I figured what the heck, if it doesn't work I'll just redo it. I think so far they are coming out and it's adding cool little bits to the tank.
I'm hoping to get the lines done this week so I can move into the cockpits and gems. I really want to get this done as well as the Venoms. I'm looking at the Harlequins and so far I'm really loving the look of the new jetbikes! They look awesome! The top down shot in the White Dwarf looks great and whether I use them as Hali's or just jetbikes it doesn't matter. I'm not as thrilled about the Venom copies.. I actually think the Venoms look better in most ways, I don't like the part that is joined over the engine vent and I think the piece that goes over the back should be facing the other way. I don't think they look terrible I just would like to see them be more of a mash up of the Venom if that's what they are going to copy. Can't wait to see the Codex to see how they are going to be and whether they may be going to NOVA with me.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Bones Brigade

 Worked on the bone colored bits for the Scorpion, the Wave Serpent and the bone bases. I worked on the blends and added in some of the veins in the Wraithbone. I'll be adding some designs on the Pulsars once they are fully blended. I was going to work more on the lines but needed a break 8)
 I had to clean up the bone vanes for the Wave Serpents since there was a little bleed. The underslung gun/vane/controls also got a little bone blend areas.
 I'll probably add them to the tank to see how it looks and determine if it needs something something added like a symbol and what not. All the stones will need to be done too. So I keep feeling like I'm getting close but the final things will take a good bit of time.
I also started working on some of the Ancient Temple bases I'll be using for the Wave Serpent and the Wraithblades. It will need some masking for these to get the raised area lightened.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Powering Up

 I've been working on lining the tanks. This part will take a bit and I'm adding more detail with these so it will add even more to it. When I'm just going normal I line with white only. But for these I'm going in with white then a darker teal and then wet blending a lighter aqua and then after it dries back with the white.
 As I've mentioned before when I line I'll spray the model with at least two coats of clear so I can wipe away any over ... well brush I guess since it's by hand haha.. As it's tough to get into the lings of these it really helps. So far I've gotten about 1 to 2 hours just messing with that haha..  so when it comes to the main bodies of the tank it's going to take a LONG time.
I did the base white layer on the fins but that's about it ..  so much more to go.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

What are those ?

"The Orks have come", Eli'Sian said as he looked out of control chair..From his vantage point atop the a his towering warmachine. He heard them long before they came into view. The cacophonous sound of their shambling constructions echoed through the ruins of this long dead city. The Orks had overrun this planet and wiped out the small population of humans that had begun colonizing it. The Ork menace could not be allowed to grow and had to be removed quickly. That was why Eli'Sian was here, the Seer's had determined his inclusion in the coming battle would be paramount. The Orks machines came into sight and in the middle of their line an enormous walking contraption. It looked like one of the ruins had come to life, a rusty monstrosity stamped forward, as it moved forward numerous plates and bits fell from it's hulking frame. But it's ramshackle appearance was deceiving, the Orks had attached every manor of weapon to it. Eli ran his hand over the power rune on the console causing the upper head section to slowly lower into place. The visual readouts came to life as did the energy core..  it was time to send the Ork walker back to the scrapyard... 

I've been offline for the past two weeks for many issues but I'm not really going to get into them. But I get get in an awesome game this past weekend with Greg from Feed Your Nerd. We have been trying to get a game in for awhile and he wanted to test out his LVO list so I built up a 2K list. I'll be playing the Nova Open Trios again this year so figured it would be a good time to test a 2K list with the Revenant. 
When Greg put all the Ork walkers on the table it was pretty intimidating looking and I wasn't really sure I was going to have the guns to bring them all down. Thankfully I was using the Revenant! He's a heafy cost at 900 but he does pack a lot of death .. And honestly he's pretty much did all the work. My Crimson Hunter did his job and got his points back but sadly the Prism did bumpkiss as it always seems to for me and the Night Spinner didn't do much but I think it was more against this army as I thought about it later so it's not out of the running but the Prism will be sitting I think. My War Walkers did ok but again it wasn't their kind of fight. They out flanked and popped up on his strong side .. blah ..  but they took out some Kans and hunkered down for the impending butt whipping but he blasted one down with guns which pushed him out of his charge range! Yay they live!! For that turn at least ...haha
This game really came down to killing the Stompa and that happen on the second turn thanks to two Pulsar hits and rolling a 6. I was actually quite stunned that it died like that and once it was down the game was pretty much in hand. I started dancing around and shooting. 4 Str D large blasts are mean and they ended up saying the two remaining War Walkers from their doom.

It was a fun game and it really came down to whether I could kill his Stompa fast enough which I got lucky and that happened! We had some lunch got in a game of 40K and then ran though some mechanics of Malifaux! An awesome hobby day..  not it has me thinking of what I want to take to Nova so I'm working on some list ideas. Though I'm not sure what I'll do with all the Harlequins coming out. I won't paint them as clowns but if they look good I'll mix them in as pirates or something 8)..

Oh and sadly I forgot pictures till late then had to free up space on my phone so only three of them. Greg does have some more so maybe he'll post them up 8)