Friday, October 5, 2018

A little Captain in ya..

 DreadTober is on and I'm finally feeling a bit better.. Sunday night I could feel it coming on and it's still here.. but last night during the Hobby Hangout I at least got most of the modeling done .. well at least the basic modeling ... he's got a little Captain Morgan like pose going on .. right now the shoulders are just pinned in but not glued.. I have to mess around with the position still..
 I had Furioso Dread claws I bought a long time ago and figured they would look good on the Raven Guard Dread.. then it made me think what else should I add to it .. So I had some old Death Guard Termies I had sitting in a box so I thought it would be cool to have the Dread carrying a ripped apart Termie..
There is a pin where his arm was and there will be one in his torso that I'm going to green stuff some bone and gore coming out.. I figured it would look cool.. hopefully. Its a lot more work then I was originally thinking haha.. so hopefully I can get it all wrapped up..

I'll also be going through some of the pictures of DreadTober today to write up a first week wrap up...