Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sharpened Talons

 I'd been "working" on the Stormraven since I got it years ago haha.. by working I mean playing around with how I wanted it painted. I changed it numerous times and after wrapping up the Wraithknight I looked up and figured damn I need to get that done.
 So I started messing around with the color again. I also figured I'd paint the canopy to give that a shot and see how it comes about. So far just light blue, but I plan to do a blue fade on it and see how that looks. I'm also going to make up a template and spray an image on the side.
 I darkened it back up first then went over all the edges with the white. Then went back with two different reds to give it the fade I wanted. Right now it's looking pretty decent and I'm happy with the look so I'm going to start to move on.

 I did finish up the turret, the melta's and the canopy cover. I figured I'd at least just get them done so they are ready. Once I get the design on the side it should start moving along pretty quickly.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I crush stars and foes alike..

Done and done .. for now at least. I will still need finish his guns and arms for the guns but for now I need a bit of a break and I've been working on this guy for months.
I added a lot more necron debre to the base, shaving off little bits to represent shrapnel and other parts that have been blown off. I add add in some more weather powder as well to mix up the color a little bit. I also worked on the cron blood, it need to have a bit more variation so I added some in.

I actually finished him the other night and took some video of adding the magnets to his head and neck so make a Tut Video for magnets but editing video is more of a pain then I thought and I'm still sick.. this stomach bug will NOT go away and it's killing me. But I haven't had the time to mess with the video enough to post it up.
I'll get the arms and guns done soon but it's nice to have him mostly finished up. And as soon the Magnet video is done I'll post it up for a Tut on how I apply mine .. I have a lot of people ask me how to use magnets and although I have broken down how to with words and pictures I figured a video might be cool. I also said I wanted to start adding more How To's ... I got the Video Camera out for Easter and with it sitting here got me thinking .. hopefully once I get the editing part down I'll be able to post up a few more quickly.. 8)

Monday, April 28, 2014

And walking the Path..

 The Thousand Sons Librarian is pretty much done. There is still some work on the NMM gold that needs to be done on the backpack (touching up or cleaning up lines). All the different angles and shapes are really a pain haha.. plus I haven't messed with it much so it's more of a paint it like this and hate it then paint it again ..  stop when I feel it looks decent .. the huge pain in the butt is how many colors it takes so redoing even a small section is no small affair 8\
 I think he has the correct gravitas and has that "I'm pretty BA" look 8) ..
 I had to really work the staff in there, with the BP having the warp vanes and the larger bottom of the Force Halberd it was a very tight fit. I wasn't even thinking about that when I was building it up. I started to put him together and was "oh crap" .. haha .. but it worked .. even if barely.
 I think he looks pretty solid, there are always flaws I see plus there are two spots that need to be touched up.
 I painted the back energy chamber the same purple color the halberd .. figured it would tie them together and didn't want to add in more colors.
 I repainted his right gauntlet many many times haha.. For the NMM it's all about following the shape of the thing you are painting. I tried a few different ideas but nothing seemed to look right to me so I just went with the color fade.
It's funny, he is the only 1K Son model I've ever made and he's also one of my most detailed miniatures I've painted. So .. other then a few touch ups he's all done up.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Death in the Dark

 I finished up Illic the other night and I think he came out looking pretty good. It really is a cool looking model.
 Gave him a little extra detail as fits his station..

 Though now looking at the pictures I may dull the edges of his cloak a bit .. they are a bit too bright.

Caught a stomach bug so not many words today 8\

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Difference from Knowing the Path..

Some more work on the 1K Son Librarian. He's coming along nicely but the details are taking awhile and using the NMM gold takes a lot longer then just blending it with metallics. But it does give a much cleaner look to the model and it actually ties it all together a little more. So . I think he's looking pretty cool. The color scheme is gel'n .. I added the blue vial to his belt and I like that it pops out so much.. Adds that little bit more detail to grab you eye 8)..
 I still need to work on some of the details of the golds and bits here and there but his main body is very close to being done.
 The robes are also close, I think I'm going to smooth out a few more places on it then call them complete. The gold work on the hem also needs to be done.
I was still playing with the ideas for the polearms blade. I tried a few other ideas but they really didn't come out looking good enough. So right now I'm going with this.. I started off by blending the blade with a purple then went back and outlined some of the blade and gave it the cross hatch pattern. I then went back and sprayed the Violet Madder and Deep Violet over the blade again. It's harder to see in the pictures but the cross hatching is very muted and gives it some dept but doesn't yell out. I will probably stick with this look unless I can think up something cooler..

His overall look.. the arm is just Blu Tacked on for now..

I still need to get the rest of the polearm/staff done, his BP and left shoulder pad.. but overall I think he's coming along ....

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stalking the Shadows..

 I got hit by the hey I want to paint that feeling last night so I picked up Illic and started working on him. I had started him awhile back but really didn't get that far on him. I started to blend the leather on him and some of his cloak then moved onto his other bits. He's looking pretty cool so far and probably have a few more hours left to finish him.
 I've never been a fan of the scalped top knot pony tail look but the re breather helps, I wish he would have come with a couple different heads. That's the only part of the model that I'm up in the air about but the rest of it is very well done and looks cool.
 Thankfully it's one of the best fine cast mini's I've looked at so there are only a few odd bits.
 I doubt I'll use him as Illic much but he'll be a very cool Ranger ..
Down the road I might get another and swap the head... who knows 8)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Harnessing The Sea of Souls..

 I got most of the base colors on the 1K Son Librarian with only the first start at blending. I'm going to go with the NMM for the golds so see how it looks on a smaller model but I think I should have picked something different to work on. This guy is going to have a ton of gold on him .. so I'll be doing a lot of brownish color work. I deceided to go with a purple for the inside of his cloak and other accessories which I start to blend slightly but really didn't get that far.
 All the sections that are dark brown will be gold so it will be on his arm sleeve piece, chest, legs and shoulders mostly but his staff will also have a lot of gold.
 I mainly worked on blending his armor and got that a good ways .. it still needs to be revised a bit and I'm sure how bright I want the final highlight to be yet..
 I also broke out my video camera with the hope of making a Tut Video for the staff but sadly the airbrush started to clog up and it made the process an ordeal. I'll probably soak all my brushes tips in some Simple Green tonight so they will be good to go.

I"m still thinking about what kinda of designs I want on the blade itself. Maybe some hieroglyphics/runes would look cool..

Monday, April 21, 2014

Can't see to the right ..

 I finished up the Standard Bearer before the League but that was really all I finished haha..  I ended up getting busy before so not much right before the League. Either way I think he came out good and he is now sitting in the finished cabinet. I still have a lot more to got to get the Dusk Wolves up to full fighting strength.I did use them in the league to show a younger player how to .. well play. I walked him through the game the Dusk Wolves brought retribution to the Crimson Slaughter. Was nice to see them back on the table!

 I marked the banner with the third legion but had it marked out, I'm going to add that into their storyline and have been marking off names on troops and vehicles.
I'm going to build up some new guys soon, I just have to think up some cool poses.