Friday, May 19, 2017

Beware what you seek..

 This week I got in some time at the table and finished up my Seeker Squad. Time is counting down quickly to Nova and I still have a bunch to finish. I'll have it done one way or the other haha but it would be nice to have it done with some time. The time frame I'm looking at now I might not have anything in the painting comp sadly. I don't expect to win anything but it's nice to have something in there.
 These guys came out looking pretty solid and I'm happy to have 5 more guys wrapped up.
 The Seeker squad will be running all melta and will most likely be my main anti armor. I'll have stuff to pop weaker vehicles but serious armor will be tough.

 I need to knock out their Drop Pod too ... which I'm not looking forward to haha. But the number of RG vehicles I need to paint are getting shorter!
The first Rhino is built and in the process of being painted. The main blends are mostly done but I'll be adding white sections and the Raven Symbol on the top doors. Once that's done I'll start to weather. I also need to get the tracks all done up...  well..   progress at least 8)

Friday, May 5, 2017

Form Up..

 Hey hey .. I got some more work done on the Storm Eagle getting it pretty close to being done. I've been sick and/or busy for the last month or so .. so I'm actually happy to get some progress done. Though .. now Nova is only 4 months away and I still have a bunch to get done haha..
 Last night I joined finished up the first layer of grime and soot. There are a few spots that need to be done and more added ... no weathering on the canopy yet as I just finished it yesterday and wanted the clear to completely dry.

 I think they are looking pretty cool together and it will be nice to have both of them knocked out as they were a large part of my army build. When painting the SE I wanted to keep it very similar to the FR but also have some slight differences.
 I ordered the Secret Weapon bases I'll be using for them and they should be here soon.
For the canopy I gave it the same look roughly.. I added a little more white on the reflection and changed the angle a bit.. I'm liking the look but I'm in debate on the harder white line .. though usually a reflective light is pretty harsh. So .. still thinking on if I need to mod it a bit ..