Thursday, June 22, 2023

Rip and Tear


Mixing it up a little and figured I'd paint one of the Space Hulk Blood Angels. I've been working on this guy this week and I think he's looking pretty solid. It's been awhile since I've painting something clean haha.. well.. mostly clean.

My eyes seems to be getting worse over the past year.. I'm going to have to get some new glasses as I'm missing stuff as I paint. Thankfully I can see them off the pictures ... getting close to 50 and my eyes are starting to fail me ha

Monday, June 5, 2023

Follow Me Boys

I've pretty much finished all the models I'll be taking to Nova to field so I've just been messing around with some that I might take to the painting contest. I had this model sitting here so figure'd I painting him up. 
I'm debating on the chainfist and whether I'm going to add some blood and gore. I like the way he's coming along and don't know if it will add or take away from it.

Been doing some free hand adding the strips on the bottom and center as well as adding the raven symbol. I think I'm going to adjust the icon a little, still feels a little off.. 

Also I've been going very hard on the metallics.. It's metallic paint but I'm blending and mod'n it to really show the highlights but still keeping the gritty feel.