Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Missles are fun..

Cyclone Termie is finished.. I'm not really feeling him for some reason though, I don't know why but the paint didn't come out as good as I would like and he's kind of getting on my nerves so I finished him up quickly .. I don't know what it is about him but .. it is what it is .. I'm in training this week so maybe that's why I'm so annoyed .. 8)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pump up the BASE!

I figured I'd post up a basing tutorial that is also a product review. Around Thanksgiving (I think) I was at the art/hobby store (AC Moore) and I saw a product that looked interesting.
FolkArt Texture Paint. It was normally $6.00 but was on a super sale or something and was $2.00. So I picked up 8 of them, they come in numerous colors but I bought black, grey and brown. I went home and based up a mini and was quite impressed! Normally I'd use flock gravel of some sort which looks good but can be messy and falls of easily. You can also make up your own texture paint but this is quick and easy, plus if it's on sale it's very cheap.

I wanted to make something up quick so I grabbed a tele homer and went to work.

Glued and primed.
Texture applied. It's pretty thick so stir it up.

Use an old cheap brush and dab it on the base. It's pretty simple just move it around till you like the look.

Next I painted it a darker grey.Then washed it with black to get the nooks and cranny's. Next I dry brush with a mid then light grey.

And now you can add the normal flock and finishing touches if you like or you can just leave it as it. It looks good enough for table quality and if you want to just knock them out quick you are ready to go.

But if you want them to go further you can add some more and skip buying some resin bases.

An added bonus is its sticky nature. You can glue items on to make the base look that much cool. Just take some old extra bits or cut some new ones and add them to the base..

You can also add some plastic card + bits + texture paint to make it go even farther..

Monday, February 27, 2012

I come for you!

I finished up the Blood Angel I used for the how to tut I made. He was giving me a dirty look and wanted to be finished up. So I got him done and put him on the finished shelf.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Zaat Zaat BOOM

Last night I worked on getting the rest of the Devastators I needed built up. It's pretty surprising how long it can take picking each part and trying to come up with some cool poses. I'm pretty happy with them and they will finish off the two squads I plan to run. I need to clean them up a little and a few need some GS on their hosing and on some of the parts I cut and modded.

The First LAS guy I went with the kneeling legs and wanted to make him have a little something extra. I took an arm and sword from one of the old SW kits and chopped it so it looks like he's resting his hand on it while waiting for a tank to get into range. Normally the left hand is attached to the LAS so I chopped that off and used the brace I had cut from the RZB, I need to GS it and straighten the back of the brace.

The next guy I put together was their squad leader.
He has Bezerker legs that I filed down and a Grey Hunter chest and pistol. He's rocking the Auspex and Range Finder BP. I'm going to put a seal on the pistol and give him a CC weapon. Last night I was trying to work a chain sword on him but everywhere I hung it looked out of place.

Sniper LAS dude..
I realized I didn't have any of them with the scope attached to the LAS so this guy got one. He has Grey Hunter Legs and Shoulder but otherwise he's mostly Devastator. He also needs a dagger, I forgot to glue it on last night haha..

I'm a Rocket Man..
He's rocking the Grey Hunter Back and Dagger. I chopped the claws off it and want it to look more worn out. Like it's been dragging for quite some time. He has the range finder helm and vox antenna.

I'd have to say I'm pretty happy with the diversity of the guys in the squads. I really wanted them to look like they had their own personality. Since the Devs will be from the EC I wanted them to have the wings on their chest as much as possible. I'm going to start on the Grey Hunters next, the LR is almost complete as well.

Have a Great Weekend All,..

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bring out the big guns ..

I figured I'd post up the pictures of the rest of my Eldar tank fleet.I have been meaning to post these for awhile now but haven't had a chance .. I also noticed I never fully finished the blends on the barrels (they look ok but not as good as I'd like) but that is a quick fix. I'll have to mess with that down the road.
When the new Prism Kit came out I picked up two of them. I don't really know why I did but I wanted a Night Spinner and figured I should have a new Prism I suppose. I magnetized both of them so they can be either or and when I'm just running this guy I'll throw both of the Prism barrels on there to look more menicing haha.. The Prism has red front panels and the Spinner has purple. I mentioned this in an older post but here you can see it better. Still deceiding on the Falcon color.
They very rarely see any action these days. In a competative list they aren't worth the Heavy Slot nor the Points (though the spinner is pretty cheap). The higher BS is completely wasted on the Prism's Blast Weapon in my opinion and I'm not going to take two of them to be fully useful. The Spinner is a fun tank and I do like to use it in fun builds because it's annoying haha.. Slowing down an army and watching it kill itself is AWESOME!

And the Spinner ..

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where Eagles Dare ..

“We are the Emperor’s Red Right Arm, we are his truth, his vengeance.”
Last night I finished up the Dusk Wolf Speeder I have been working on. Now that I had the icons on it I needed to finish up the final details. I freehanded the number on it and then blended it and the icons in. I touched up the metals and added some more rust like looks. I needed to finish the guys inside and some of the cockpit. I added some details to the bottom of the speeder but wasn't going to go overboard, it's mainly going to be flying upright hopefully. 8) .. The next speeder I will be painting the interior and guys before putting it together. But, this was just the test for the rest of the vehicles. I'm almost done the Diemos as well and then it's time to move onto the Razorbacks and Land Raider. Not to mention all the guys, I'm going through bits and picking them out .. I was hoping to get a few together last night but had to do some table cleaning .. it wa getting out of hand. 8)