Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stay in the lines..

I've been trying to get the Serpent done and started on the white outlines. I have most of them done other than the rear hatch and then I'll go back and put on a second coat to make sure it's solid. Then.. clean it up some. Once I have that done it will be on to the spirt stones and some tin bitz on things that look metallic to me. Hoping to have it finished up by the end of this weekend.

I'm in the process of trying to clean off my table of things to be finished..  I need to start putting some time into the stuff I need done for July.


  1. looking very nice mate! you seem to churn work out at an alarming rate!

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  2. Thanks!
    haha .. I wish. I'm just all over the place. So a little here and a little there.. makes it look like a lot going on. 8)