Thursday, February 23, 2012

Bring out the big guns ..

I figured I'd post up the pictures of the rest of my Eldar tank fleet.I have been meaning to post these for awhile now but haven't had a chance .. I also noticed I never fully finished the blends on the barrels (they look ok but not as good as I'd like) but that is a quick fix. I'll have to mess with that down the road.
When the new Prism Kit came out I picked up two of them. I don't really know why I did but I wanted a Night Spinner and figured I should have a new Prism I suppose. I magnetized both of them so they can be either or and when I'm just running this guy I'll throw both of the Prism barrels on there to look more menicing haha.. The Prism has red front panels and the Spinner has purple. I mentioned this in an older post but here you can see it better. Still deceiding on the Falcon color.
They very rarely see any action these days. In a competative list they aren't worth the Heavy Slot nor the Points (though the spinner is pretty cheap). The higher BS is completely wasted on the Prism's Blast Weapon in my opinion and I'm not going to take two of them to be fully useful. The Spinner is a fun tank and I do like to use it in fun builds because it's annoying haha.. Slowing down an army and watching it kill itself is AWESOME!

And the Spinner ..

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