Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where Eagles Dare ..

“We are the Emperor’s Red Right Arm, we are his truth, his vengeance.”
Last night I finished up the Dusk Wolf Speeder I have been working on. Now that I had the icons on it I needed to finish up the final details. I freehanded the number on it and then blended it and the icons in. I touched up the metals and added some more rust like looks. I needed to finish the guys inside and some of the cockpit. I added some details to the bottom of the speeder but wasn't going to go overboard, it's mainly going to be flying upright hopefully. 8) .. The next speeder I will be painting the interior and guys before putting it together. But, this was just the test for the rest of the vehicles. I'm almost done the Diemos as well and then it's time to move onto the Razorbacks and Land Raider. Not to mention all the guys, I'm going through bits and picking them out .. I was hoping to get a few together last night but had to do some table cleaning .. it wa getting out of hand. 8)

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