Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Now you see me, Now you don't ..

I started working on blending the Ranger into his background last night. So far he's looking pretty good. I painted most of the basics on him, colors, shapes and some shading. I still need to detail and outline some of the background features on him. I'll also be adding some weathering powder but I want to make sure all the painting is done before I finish it out with powders. I'm still on the fence with his guns, should I blend them or should I leave them be. I'm thinking adding some slight bleed through. The main parts that I want to show are his chest armor and helm, like he's peeking out of the background.

I also picked what pits I'm going with for Jain Zar (at least these are the ones right now haha). I chopped the head off a Banshee and removed the hand off the right hand for the Tris.


  1. I think it will have more of a dramatic effect if you left the guns. They wouldn't be cloaked anyway would they?

    Anyway it's looking good. The effect is going to look good once it's done. I saw a golden demon winner use this technique once and it was unbelievable how well he got the ship to blend in with the background. I like your idea of having the face and inside the cloak show for dramatic effect.

  2. The Camo Cloaks they wear create a cloaking field of sorts .. So it probably affects their weapons as well. Eldar weapons are made of Wraithbone which a Psi attuned material. So they can manipulate it .. but as for the visual of it.. it's a hard one. I think I'll just finish up the other parts and see how it's looking then go from there

    Thanks, yeah I just want it to look like he's peaking out of the background. Tough though as I have to go over folds and other details on him. So far I'm happy with his blending but I'm going to need to do some more with the colors and other details.

  3. Ahh... didn't know that about the Eldar. Tough call then. Either way it's going to be awesome.