Friday, January 27, 2017

A rapping at my Chamber Door

 Hey everyone ... I got a little more work done on the first Raven Guard Fury squad. I want them to have a matte look as they are supposed to be all about stealth so didn't want to go really heavy with highlights. This is still pretty rough as I'm trying to figure out how much is enough and not too much. The backpack doesn't really have much done yet. I might add a little more highlight to the metal sections but also wanted to keep that toned down as a heavy reflection would give them away is a light was shone on them.
 I think they are coming along. I'll sit here and stare at him for awhile to see what I think it needs. It will get some more highlights and some white tips but I do think it needs to be light. Again no real blending on the wing section.
 The bases will be a heavily rusted metal deck, I might ton it back some but I do want it to contrast the heavy dark model.
 Black is such a pain.. haha..  it's a balance to me. I want them to be black not a blended grey so I'm trying to find that happy medium. It really looks black in the pictures but in person the blends are a little more visible.
 I added another layer of putty to the Fire Raptor and started the sanding process. Hopefully this should be the last time I need to haha..

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's Alive! It's Alive!!!

 Hey all... I'm alive and this is a new post... surprise! It's been a few months .. during the holidays I'm pretty slammed so I haven't had much extra hobby time but it's been a nice break. When I take a break it's pretty complete, I don't check up on info or read much about news so it makes for a nice new surprise of what's new. A lot is going on in the 40K world it appears but I'm focused a little on the past. After last years Nova and checking out the 30K events I decided it was time to work up a 30K army. After much thought I decided to go with Raven Guard. I like their style and history behind the Legion, the only thing that I wasn't looking forward to was painting that much black and I was right. I've only just started and I'm hating it haha..
 But do you know what I've been hating more? Building this Fire Raptor. These things are a pain in the D, there are so many gaps in these things. I had traded someone for a Storm Eagle last year so I had an idea but not completely. Over the past week I felt like I was working at an Imperium Auto Body shop.. Building it is a pain but "bondoing" the thing is totally a killer. I've been patching and sanding over the last week. If you haven't used it before I highly recommend Perfect Plastic Putty, that stuff has made this process livable. Sadly I think I still have a few spots that could use more smoothing. It comes down to if I can live it it, make it battle damage, or smooth it again haha.. The last option isn't my favorite of those three.
 To make my flyers stand out a bit more and the Raven Guard have special versions of the Storm Eagle at least I made a new tail section. I never really liked the stubby tails they come stock with so I worked up a new tail and laser cut them. I've mounted it on the Fire Raptor and I'll be pulling the tail off the Eagle to replace it.
 As I was on break I was doing nothing. I was looking and ordering. 8)
 I started working on 10 Dark Fury.
 5 Mor Deythan .. I'll probably need to get at least 5 more.
 Apoth and Shadow Captain..
 I was playing around with how I wanted to paint them and if I wanted to go with a full blend. I don't think I have enough energy to go that deep. The model below is an old metal mini I use for testing usually. This isn't a finished look but it's completely matte and was working on reflections. If I painted an entire army like this I'd have no life. I already don't have much of one so I can't lose what little I have haha..  The pick of the Dark Fury up above is a little blurry but I'll probably be going more that route for the paint.
 Also a MKII Land Raider.
I have two Heresy boxsets that I'll be building out the rest of the force. I picked up Raven Guard shoulders and upgrades. I've also got a pretty cool idea for the display board which will be big and a lot to do but I think should be pretty cool to knock out.