Tuesday, January 24, 2017

It's Alive! It's Alive!!!

 Hey all... I'm alive and this is a new post... surprise! It's been a few months .. during the holidays I'm pretty slammed so I haven't had much extra hobby time but it's been a nice break. When I take a break it's pretty complete, I don't check up on info or read much about news so it makes for a nice new surprise of what's new. A lot is going on in the 40K world it appears but I'm focused a little on the past. After last years Nova and checking out the 30K events I decided it was time to work up a 30K army. After much thought I decided to go with Raven Guard. I like their style and history behind the Legion, the only thing that I wasn't looking forward to was painting that much black and I was right. I've only just started and I'm hating it haha..
 But do you know what I've been hating more? Building this Fire Raptor. These things are a pain in the D, there are so many gaps in these things. I had traded someone for a Storm Eagle last year so I had an idea but not completely. Over the past week I felt like I was working at an Imperium Auto Body shop.. Building it is a pain but "bondoing" the thing is totally a killer. I've been patching and sanding over the last week. If you haven't used it before I highly recommend Perfect Plastic Putty, that stuff has made this process livable. Sadly I think I still have a few spots that could use more smoothing. It comes down to if I can live it it, make it battle damage, or smooth it again haha.. The last option isn't my favorite of those three.
 To make my flyers stand out a bit more and the Raven Guard have special versions of the Storm Eagle at least I made a new tail section. I never really liked the stubby tails they come stock with so I worked up a new tail and laser cut them. I've mounted it on the Fire Raptor and I'll be pulling the tail off the Eagle to replace it.
 As I was on break I was doing nothing. I was looking and ordering. 8)
 I started working on 10 Dark Fury.
 5 Mor Deythan .. I'll probably need to get at least 5 more.
 Apoth and Shadow Captain..
 I was playing around with how I wanted to paint them and if I wanted to go with a full blend. I don't think I have enough energy to go that deep. The model below is an old metal mini I use for testing usually. This isn't a finished look but it's completely matte and was working on reflections. If I painted an entire army like this I'd have no life. I already don't have much of one so I can't lose what little I have haha..  The pick of the Dark Fury up above is a little blurry but I'll probably be going more that route for the paint.
 Also a MKII Land Raider.
I have two Heresy boxsets that I'll be building out the rest of the force. I picked up Raven Guard shoulders and upgrades. I've also got a pretty cool idea for the display board which will be big and a lot to do but I think should be pretty cool to knock out.

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