Tuesday, September 20, 2016

From three you can blend them all?

 During NOVA I took Roman's blending class and in that blending class we worked from only the Primary colors.. well White and Black as well 8) He said he mainly paints with only the Primary on all his work and that the colors you buy are just blended which you can do yourself. All true .. so I wanted to give it a more extended try. He also said he used thicker acrylic paints so I went out and picked up tubes of Golden Heavy Body Acrylics to use. I also typically don't use a wet palette to which John laughed at me in class .. "what do you use?"  haha.. I never had much luck with them and I usually use a ceramic palette and thin with a mixture with extender added. John helped me make a crude wet palette in the class (as I was the only one without one haha) so I figured I'd better go pick one up to work with. Still not the best with it.. though I did realize what I was doing wrong with them. When I mix colors I spread them out too thin and they still dry up haha.. so don't do that! Leave the color thicker so you can keep using the color. 8) It took me awhile to figure that out as I worked on this guy sadly ..  but now I know..

So.. it leads me to the Slaughter Priest. I picked up the new White Dwarf and let me say I'm really impressed with the new format, they took it back it into a book worth looking at instead of  a collection of ads. I figured since the Slaughter Priest was larger and was a one off for me it would be a cool practice piece. I started working on him during last Thursdays Hobby Hangout and this what he looked like when the paint session ended. Roman also discussed his resolution style of painting where he paints the complete model at a distance and then moves it closer blending and smoothing. Then he moves it closer still to finish the final detail level. So right now the SP is at the farthest distance.. And I'm also using his texture blending style.. ok..  so as I painted him sometimes I felt wow this is looking pretty cool. Then I'd go to the wow this looks like $hit haha.. it's hard for me to not start going full detail. Normally I do paint everything a solid color to get my color scheme squared away and then blend each section until it's finished. I don't start rough blending and for me to make myself stop was very tough. I actually makes me feel like i'm going a little crazy, my brain hates it and lets me know as I'm painting 8)
 The back is rougher then the front and I didn't even clear it with matte yet. The skull on his back and the chains aren't really worked other then primer. Blending all the colors took time and the fact I kept spreading the paint thin and drying out meant I had to keep blending the same color I was using haha.. But like I said I sadly didn't figure out what I was doing wrong till the end, I did a lot of blending. Which wasn't really a bad thing as blending practice is always good. I think he looks ok for going for the lo rez blending and not being finished all of the sections. I'll try to get the lo rez blends done sometime this week depending on how this week goes. Tonight my daughter has dance class so I'll probably be sitting out in the parking lot as she prances haha.. Then I can start to work on mid blending and see what it starts looking like. Hopefully it won't be crap...

I also worked on the texture blend for this marines shoulder. It has a cool look, I like the way it looks like the surface isn't exactly smooth. The gold needs a lot more work but a start. I'm pretty happy with the work and trying something new is always cool. This year I want to continue on with trying different techniques. We'll see how it goes 8)..  hopefully it will help me level up my painting ..

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