Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Banged up but I'm good..

 Hey all,.. A little more work on the Sicaran.. I'm pretty happy with hows it's progressing. I got some more layers of enamels applied and start on some of the oils. The tracks for a good bit of love with layers and some of the wear makes. I'll probably do a little more streaking on it but they are close.
 I added the purple and red lens and they are almost done. I have the tiniest of OSL on the edges .. I don't want it to be much. I'll add a little purple to the gun shields as well.
 The other areas got some more layers as well and some oil streaking but not too much so far.
 I think the auto cannons/turret came out looking good.. I'm happy with the bone colors and the rust and grime on the guns. Pretty much just the water streaks on the turret.

So over all it's close.. I need to powder up the stacks and the base some more but it's getting there. I'll also be adding oil streaks to the body of the tank... I usually use raw umber and blue to give it some color variation and then white for water streaking..  one more painting session and I should be done.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

New to Old

 Worked a little more on the Sicaran and the Leviathan .. They both need their heavy weathering so I figured I figured I'd finish them up together. I mostly just have the first few layers of rust and much on the treads. I did hit some of hull but that wasn't really what I was working on.
 As the tracks were drying I also worked on the guns .. I wanted to get the base weathering down and ready.
 The Lev's arms got a few coats as well. I start with a few base layers .. now that the base is down I'll be adding layers to make it have a lot of variance and depth. When I'm done I usually have around 10 layers of weathering .. not including the powders oils.
I'm also working on putting together the Nids from the Deathstorm box ..  I'm going to build them up and paint them then I think they are going to go up on eBay .. I'm trying to clear out models I don't plan to play..  I have SOOOOO many models that are just sitting here! .. time to clear up some of it haha

Monday, November 6, 2017

Killa Kanz 3

 Hey All.. This weekend Greg and I headed up to Philly to play in Killa Kanz 3. It's a friendly Tourny that raises money and can goods for Philabundance.. Jason, Collin and Joe from the Nova Narrative run it which is awesome and how we heard about it. We wanted to go up and hang out plus support them by bringing some Kans and moneys! Jason said it was a very successful year for donations which is great! Thanks for putting it together.. was an awesome event!

This was my first games of 8th and I had a hell of a time building a 1000 point list (it's a 2K team Tourney) with the Raven Guard. They are spec'd for 30K and man stuff is expensive. The Fire Raptor is 420 points, I probably should have took other stuff but I love the Fire Raptor and said so be it. I had a great time, all the people we played against and talked to were very cool and it was a nice atmosphere! Thanks to Redcap's Corner for hosting it and offering up prizes,. was very cool. We even ran in to some other people from Nova..  Dave whom I met in the 30K events this year and Scott who we know from the Narrative events. Thankfully Scott gave us some pointers as I didn't really do any reading or research on 8th .. didn't look at any of the CP stuff or Warlord Traits..  haha..  I was in super chill I don't care mode..
 Here's a picture from our gave vs Dave.. he brought some Alpha Legion and his friend had Necrons. All of the games were fun and somehow we went 2 and 1 .. coming in 4th overall.. I have no idea how that happened. Thanks Greg and Scott for the pointers 8) ... I know a lot of people really like 8th ED... sadly... I'm not one of them. After reading all the rules and looking at it before I had even rolled some dice I had a lot of doubts. After playing they were confirmed. I'll put up another post about that later. But that didn't matter, I was having a good time just throwing some dice and BS'n with people.
 Greg won a Tri of the Primarch box and being the super awesome guy he is let me have the Gulliman model... I was hoping to win that box as I want to paint up big G.. It's a cool looking model and looking forward to painting him up in the future.
I also won Best Painted for the Raven Guard which was pretty cool as there were some other really nice looking armies there.. I got a gift card for Redcap's and picked up another Eldar flyer since I don't know when I'll be able to get back to the store since I live in Bmore. Plus you can never have too many Eldar flyers... I want to make an Exarch CH and a Hemlock so now I have the second flyer I needed. I will pick up the Dark Eldar flyer down the road as I want to kit bash some of the pieces if possible ...

But .. anyway..  it was a great time!! I'm a slacker and only took one picture but Greg was shooting a ton of pictures as usually so I'll link to his when they are up!!! haha I think my Raven Guard will be sticking to 30K and I'll build up a new Eldar list for 40K games... 8th is not my fav but most people are playing and liking it so I'll have something to mess around with for local fun games.