Thursday, November 9, 2017

New to Old

 Worked a little more on the Sicaran and the Leviathan .. They both need their heavy weathering so I figured I figured I'd finish them up together. I mostly just have the first few layers of rust and much on the treads. I did hit some of hull but that wasn't really what I was working on.
 As the tracks were drying I also worked on the guns .. I wanted to get the base weathering down and ready.
 The Lev's arms got a few coats as well. I start with a few base layers .. now that the base is down I'll be adding layers to make it have a lot of variance and depth. When I'm done I usually have around 10 layers of weathering .. not including the powders oils.
I'm also working on putting together the Nids from the Deathstorm box ..  I'm going to build them up and paint them then I think they are going to go up on eBay .. I'm trying to clear out models I don't plan to play..  I have SOOOOO many models that are just sitting here! .. time to clear up some of it haha

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