Monday, March 28, 2011

Forge world arrived

My Death Korp of Krieg showed up on Sat, pretty excited they look awesome. I also ordered another Valk  to treats as a Vendetta and install the Punisher Canon I ordered 8)

Sunday we worked on some more terrain and we should after two different scapes done soon. I'll also load up some pics soon as well.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Almost done the first Sang Priest

I've been trying to get him done but keep jumping around between projects. Finally figured out why my airbrush was jamming up and sprayed some of the tanks I've been wanting to get color on. And last weekend started some more terrain and game board work.

I only have the detail work to finish up now. Mainly the white and gold and some more blending on the red. Well that and I still have to do his two back/jet packs 8)
Since the airbrush was back up and running I put some paint on my Razorback and Storm Raven.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Pics

I added some more images to the gallery.

The kit bashed Assault Squad I had been working on and never took pics of. I was flocking the bases a bit and realized I never went back and added the final details to the gems, JPs, swords and gold. I painted them assembly line style and needed a break then forgot to go back and finished them.

An Eldar Warlock I painted back in the day

The Finished Pics of the Converted Wraithlord

And an IG Commander

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Backpack Magnets and more..

I started getting the Magnets on the SPriests backpacks. I love the look of the wings mixed with the robes, really has the Angel of Death look to me. On the normal backpack I added a few vials to give it more of an Apoth look and selected the packs with the chalice. I also did magnet up the normal Apoth BP.

I haven't gotten a chance to really put too much paint on him yet. Just got a coat on his robes. I also need to figure out how to whip up a Apoth Drill thing to put on the other guy, but he did get the Apoth belt dodads. But did get some more work done on the Librian. Still a long way to go on him but added his book and rope/tassle. 
While waiting for glue to dry I also added a few icons on the Dozer blade and drilled out the stacks on the Razorback. It's now ready for priming.
I'm hoping to get some painting done soon but having a 3 month old makes it hard to dedicate a large amount of time to the painting table. 8)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Blood Angels work continues

Finished up a Sarg/Stern I had painted but added the Shoulder Wing and Flock.
Also got the Kit Bashed Squad together plus two Sang Priests and working on a Librian(no pics yet) as well. The Priest below is my favorite so far, with the Sang Guard wings attached he looks bad a$$. He has the whole Angel of Death look. I have to get a bigger bit as the magnets are a hair to big for the one I was using and want them to fit snug and recessed  in the backpack.
The Armored up Razorback and the Las Turret for the Storm Raven
I have more pics up jump over to the link page,..

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Kit Bashed Sternguard and Sang Priests

I decided to take a little break from paint my Eldar and wanted to get some more BA built. I'm building a Sternguard/Tac Squad and a couple of Sang Priests. I had started some before but they were coming out looking like Captains. So I picked up a box of Dark Angel Vets, Death Company and SM Command Squad and a few other odds and ends. I also got the Storm Raven and a Beefed up Razorback w/ Dozer, Xarmor and a converted AC Turret. Posted up a few pics of the beginning.