Monday, November 23, 2015

On Point

 This weekend I got some work done on the Dusk Wold Recon Squad..  I really like the look of these guys. It might not look like a lot but beside cleaning them off and figure out the combo I was based them up. I wanted them to be scared up and worn.
 I frayed some of their cloaks .. not all of them but I wanted the shotgun guys to be a little more beat up. Since they would be up in the mix of it they would take more of the shots. I really like the look of the about guy.. the shotgun has a real badass look..
I also started on the Dreadnaught bits.. 8) Right now it's just the under colors, I'll be adding the chipping fluid and bone/white color. I'm looking forward to getting these done and I'm already thinking about ordering up some more..  I'd like to have a couple of squads with normal bolters. The cloaks really add some flavor to them..  hopefully I'll be able to get some more done this week..  with the Holidays fast approaching I've barely had time to do anything ..

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some extras..

 I finished up a few more pieces to the Gantry System, I wanted to have multiple levels so I created 3" supports and steps. I think it has a pretty nice look and I have a few more ideas I'm going to add in.
Through up the new Dusk Wolf up there 8)
 My Forgeworld pieces came in so I started putting them together.. I started with the Laser Destroyer, I got it all together and start to prime it up. I didn't get too far on it though 8)
DreadTober might be over but I will be starting a new Dread soon.. I started to get the base ready as I want to know how he's going to be standing so I know how to pose him on it .. Not too much today.. hopefully tonight I'll be able to get some progress going on tonight .. 8)

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Through the Muck and Mire

 It's been a hectic week but I did get the new Dusk Wolf test model wrapped up. I could have done more but since I had already started adding the muck it would be tougher to go back in. I think he came out looking pretty cool. The final models I might blend the highlights a little more .. I just don't want the highlights to be too much. It seems to break it out of the grimy look.
 I also think the look needs a little spatter and some streaking.. just hear and there. Though overall I like the amount of muck on him ..
 I did do a little blending on the reds.. adding in the wings and some on the arm and eyes.
My box of Betrayal at Calth came in along with some of the Forgeworld stuff I ordered so I'll have a bunch of old school models to be working on. I've been cutting a bunch of stuff so haven't had the time to work on more sadly but hopefully I can get some more work done this week and weekend.

Friday, November 13, 2015

You talking to me?

 While the Dusk Wolf test was drying I worked a little more on the Wraithblade. I've been working on him here and there for awhile. I've been working on the brush blending on his and I think he is looking pretty cool so far. I want him to have a little OSL glow affect.
 The light is coming from the back wall section and the axes. I'm still working on the blue blends but they are coming along. The bone also needs to get blended, I haven't done very much with that yet.

This hobby year I really want to play with different techniques and this is one I've been wanting to screw around with. Lighting effects can make a very cool look.. So besides a lot of weathering this year I also want to work with other advanced techniques. Since playing time is much hard to come by for me these days I'll be concentrating on painting .. I hope 8) 

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wash Me

 I got a little more work done on the new Dusk Wolf I've been playing around with. I added in some more of the much and some minor details like the chest, shoulders and seals. As I'm getting him closer to done I really which I would have painted him up fully then started testing .. he's looking pretty cool .. I'm liking the level up much .. I'll be adding in some streaking to show the age of the armor and it being out in the elements. I'm in debate about adding in some dried mud. It might look cool but I also want them to feel like they are out in it at the moment so it wouldn't really have time to dry.
 He's sitting and drying now so hopefully tonight or tomorrow I can get a little more work done on him.. it really depends on the drying time.. Oils are nice but they do take awhile to dry. If he's dry and I can sit down to paint I'll clear him and put the next layer on him.

Sorry if the pics are alittle blah but they are from my phone.. this morning I didn't have the time to break out the good camera. But so far I'm really happy with the look.. the added chipping really added another layer to the mucking and since the paint is going to be clean I think it really needs those extra layers to look right. Otherwise it just can look messy.. the bad thing is the time and if I'm going to paint them all up with this method I just have to accept the fact that I'll be putting in some serious time. 8)

Monday, November 9, 2015

Walking the long path..

 This weekend I got a little time in to play around with the new bashed up ideas for my Dusk Wolves. I liked the way my Wolves were looking but I wanted to up the game a bit. I went really grimy with them and that looked cool (to me at least) but I thought the paint should show wear as well .. I didn't do any chipping or anything. So now I'm going to add that in there.
 Since cermite doesn't rust I figured it would chip to what is below. I'm in debate on how I want to handle the base color. My Dusk Wolves are suppose to be what's left of the loyal legionaries from the traitor Legions. So the armor they have will either be from their old legions repainted or bits and pieces they have picked up. That in theory could look cool but it might really through off the look if the chips are random colors. I'll play around with this to see what I really like..
 So far it's been the base layer blend .. the white top coat chipped. The only other addition is the red right arm. I did all the chipping then moved on to some grim.
 This is the light grim and I'll be adding in some heavy grim after I actually get some other colors on there. I wanted to get a rough idea of what it looked like before I started getting deep into the grim process. So far I think it's looking pretty cool though 8)
The sad part about going farther is that they will now all stand out from the rest of their brothers haha.. but the nice part is they will look better. If I would only paint a scheme and keep it so I don't have to repaint a ton of old dudes 8)

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Take the high ground

 A little more work on the Gantry System. The Tournament is this weekend so I've pretty much had to work on this full bore.. After this weekend I can get back to painting some actual models. But I've been working on some more weathering which is cool. I was playing around with the amount of grime and age and it was pretty fun ..  I'm also pretty happy with the look and how they came out for the time spent.

The intersection support allows you to connect from one to four sections. If you don't use a section there is a railing guard piece that can be put in place so it's not just a drop off. You don't have to use them but it looks cooler 8)
 Some of the pics don't have the guards .. showing the with and without. And they also can be used on the standard section to end it.Building it was also kind of fun haha.. but that might just be me 8)
 I'll be adding a set of shorter supports and other pieces to connect to, this is just the beginning! 8)

 I haven't gotten to paint the Towers full so right now they are just gunmetal.. I have four towers to finish by Saturday morning. sheesh ..  haha a ton to get done.
Once I get the towers painted I'll be adding the Gantry System to our website. There are a few things I've noticed from putting them together that I'll be adding. Getting these all together was cool to fully test them..  They are little rough build as I built so many so fast and the painting isn't as nice as I'd like but they look decent 8)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Raise the Tower

 I've been super busy working on laser cutting stuff. This is the newest addition to the Gantry system, I wanted a T Intersection support. It works the same way the Tower does..  you have 1 .. 2... 3.. 4.. or even none. The guards are at the top of support are are removable. It's a way to mix it up if you don't want another tower ..
 We are sponsoring a local gaming Tournament this Saturday and we wanted to get some of our terrain out there and on the table. If they are going to be used I wanted them to be painted and at least look decent. So far I've only gotten these two pieces painted..  I think they look ok but nothing too insane.
DreadTober has finished and it was a pretty big success.. I've been super busy but I'm trying to get to all the blogs and check them out. There has been so much good stuff out there ...  a lot of people finished up in October and that is awesome but if you didn't get it all finished up no biggy ..  I've posted it on a few sites but DreadTober was about everyone getting together and having some fun. It provided motivation .. it provided people with reasons to get to that model they have been wanting to paint ..  it's sparked a lot of conversation with new friends ...  to everyone who participated, thanks for joining in!!!!! and awesome work..

This weekend was Halloween...  my daughter didn't want to wear her wig so I put it on to try to get her to wear it.. it didn't work .. so ..  behold..   I'm now the new lead singer for the band Love Hammer! .. enjoy  8)