Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some extras..

 I finished up a few more pieces to the Gantry System, I wanted to have multiple levels so I created 3" supports and steps. I think it has a pretty nice look and I have a few more ideas I'm going to add in.
Through up the new Dusk Wolf up there 8)
 My Forgeworld pieces came in so I started putting them together.. I started with the Laser Destroyer, I got it all together and start to prime it up. I didn't get too far on it though 8)
DreadTober might be over but I will be starting a new Dread soon.. I started to get the base ready as I want to know how he's going to be standing so I know how to pose him on it .. Not too much today.. hopefully tonight I'll be able to get some progress going on tonight .. 8)

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