Friday, March 10, 2023

This Thing Still On?


Sup all... been a long long time. I stepped away for awhile but as Nova approaches this year I'm picking up the brushes again. I realized that I really need something to work towards or I lose interest haha .. but I have been painting it's just not been miniatures. I've been painting other mediums like oils and watercolor. Just getting into some other things but it kept my skills up and feel like it actually increased some of it .. 

So I hope everyone has been well .. I've been starting to gear up and need to start checking out what people have been up to and see what's been going on. 

So this year for Nova I'm working on 10 Tartaros Termies, a Contemptor Dread and some Jetbikes. This is a quick jumping back in post but I'll get into the stuff a little more on the next post. 

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Nova 2019 Aftermath

 Hey all, a little late on the post NOVA this year but got hit with the Con Crude and am just now starting to feel normal haha
 The display was complete and was happy with the outcome. A got a good amount of nice comments.

Sadly were were in a different room this year though. It was loud and hotter and also had a lot less traffic and I had to put the display in the back of the room. It was also right behind gaming tables that was making me nervous. So honestly if we are in the same room next year the displayboard will be staying home. It just wasn't worth the effort of getting it there and setting it up. I'll still be finishing up the other side to even it out for my own fulfillment 8).

But the games and events were awesome as always. I had some really good games with some good peeps. This year was Loyalist year and we had a lot more attend with Loyal armies so I got to play some loyal armies which was nice in someways as I got to play different armies and some more of my friends! I had some really good games throughout the weekend, tourny and pickup! I also have some ideas of what I want to add to the list so I know what I'm going to work on to add to the army for next year.

Some Jetbikes, Tartaros Termies, and some more Jump troops with some added Apoths.

This year being downstairs also made it tougher for me to see some of my friends that are still playing 40K which was a bummer. But I did still judged the painting competition for the 40K Trios and 40K Narrative.

Here are some of the pics I got from the Heresy Events..  I'm terrible at remembering to take pics as the games go on haha .. but I did get a few.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

NOVA 2019 Blood, Sweat and Tears

 Well... it's done. This year;s project took me to the breaking point haha.. This was build, painted and lighted in a little over 2 weeks. Which is pretty fast but whole crap did I put in some long days to get it wrapped up. Even now a few hours before I leave I'm making some bezels to clean up the connection between it and the original sections.
 Never again, If I'm that short of time I'm just going to have to let it ride. The toll it takes is too large .. I need to make sure I start working on it waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay sooner. I enlisted my friend Scott again this year but sadly he was roped into the massive effort and put in three long days working on the programming and wiring. Big thanks to him.. I wouldn't have gotten it done without help.
 But all that being said I think it came out looking awesome. All of the lights are in and programmed.
 So... if you are at Nova stop on by and say hey! .. I'll be in the 30K Heresy area most of the weekend .. Shouldn't be hard to find me.. just look for all the lights haha

 I'll write more when I have time and can think straight..  nothing like going into a long gaming weekend already destroyed. Yay! Me smart! Here are some videos.. I hope they show up as videos.. again, too tired to really look at it .. ok ... off to print out my army lists!