Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Think you can buff that out?

 So the Spartan is almost done, I have a few more details to clean up and I might tone down the white streaking a little. I think it's a little more then I'd like but I keep going back and forth on it haha.. I don't know. I have some camo netting I might try to use but this weekend I realized it's only about 3.5 months to Nova. That might not seem like it's close but I got a lot to do haha
 It's glued together now and the LAS are Mag'd..
 The stacks are heavy sooted..
 The tracks are heavily weathered and chipped.. I did glint up the edges a bit which might need a little more. Again.. I'm back and forth haha

 Added some weathering to the AdMech.. didn't realize the light was all up in the picture .. whoops 8) .. I also started on the liquid in the vials up on top of his back. I'll probably concentrate on getting him wrapped up.
 What is this! A Death Guard guy? Don't worry.. it's just poor goon that got torn in half when he stepped up to the Raven Guard Dreadnaught .. 8) .. the Dread will be carrying him in his right hand. I need to find a spine of some sort if anyone has seen a model out there let me know. I also need a Space Marine out of armour .. Part of the display stuff I'm working on. So if you have any leads let me know.

 The last part of the post is my new paint setup. I've been working on these displays for a while and they are done. I've wanted to have a modular paint rack with removable trays to hold all of my damn paints. I know I have too much but hey.. what can you do..
 The trays are completely removable and can be placed at different heights.
 I also made the thin drawers as well as the larger ones at the bottom like my tiered design. This is two of the racks side by side and it holds all my paint with a ton of room to spare! Boooyah ..

I've been telling some people about it and they asked me to post up some pictures. We are going to put a new Kickstarter for this Rack and some other racks plus a bit box solution. So .. I'll post up the link when it goes live ..

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Then we'll fight in the shade

 Some of my order came in so I start to run some layers on the Spartan. So far it's about five layers and looking pretty solid. I'm still waiting on one more enamel and some of the new oils I want to come in. I attached the heavy bolter and cap.
 The sides..
I haven't weathered the LAScannons yet but I started the heat fatigue on the coils and the exhaust pipes on the back.

There's still some work that needs to be done on it before the fatigue is done. The weathering is really just started so it's got a ways to go.. I'm trying a few new things on this guy to add a little more interest..

I also got to dive through the feeds and see what I've missed ... when I step away I"m usually completely out haha.. so I need to get myself back in the mix!..

Friday, May 3, 2019

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years...

 Hey All, it's been awhile.. Life got busy and I really wanted to get my hobby room finished up. I have been working on some stuff here and there but sadly my main weathering colors were dried up so I had to place the order. Right now I'm waiting on it to arrive so I'm basically just painting other things that I can until it arrives.
 The Spartan will be part of the new additions to the Raven Guard this year. I'm going to be adding in 20 Assault Marines so this will most likely be their ride. It's hard to see here but I took a Dremel tank and really upped the weathering to be physical in addition paint..
 I start on the weathering but then realized it was mostly dried out .. so it's now part of the waiting list.
 The Contemptor was started for Dreadtober but sadly I wasn't able to finish this year as too much just popped up. I still have some more to do on him but he'll also be on the waiting list for weathering.
 This year I'm going to be adding a Dreadnought bay and as part of that I'm going to need some AdMech dudes.. since I'm waiting I figured I'd start on him. With all the mechanics I think he'll look very cool once weathered..
 The Raven Guard has a strong connection with their own Forgeworld Kiavahr and because of that I figured I'd go with a split color scheme for his robes. It will be mostly black but have a large swath of red on his left.
 I got a pretty good amount of stuff done yesterday. I'm going to get the general parts done and again he'll be on the weathering list. So I'll be weathering up a storm when my stuff gets here!
And here are a couple of pics up the new room.. I still have a few things to wrap up but over all done 8)

Filling up the closet with all mys stuffs..