Friday, May 3, 2019

Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years...

 Hey All, it's been awhile.. Life got busy and I really wanted to get my hobby room finished up. I have been working on some stuff here and there but sadly my main weathering colors were dried up so I had to place the order. Right now I'm waiting on it to arrive so I'm basically just painting other things that I can until it arrives.
 The Spartan will be part of the new additions to the Raven Guard this year. I'm going to be adding in 20 Assault Marines so this will most likely be their ride. It's hard to see here but I took a Dremel tank and really upped the weathering to be physical in addition paint..
 I start on the weathering but then realized it was mostly dried out .. so it's now part of the waiting list.
 The Contemptor was started for Dreadtober but sadly I wasn't able to finish this year as too much just popped up. I still have some more to do on him but he'll also be on the waiting list for weathering.
 This year I'm going to be adding a Dreadnought bay and as part of that I'm going to need some AdMech dudes.. since I'm waiting I figured I'd start on him. With all the mechanics I think he'll look very cool once weathered..
 The Raven Guard has a strong connection with their own Forgeworld Kiavahr and because of that I figured I'd go with a split color scheme for his robes. It will be mostly black but have a large swath of red on his left.
 I got a pretty good amount of stuff done yesterday. I'm going to get the general parts done and again he'll be on the weathering list. So I'll be weathering up a storm when my stuff gets here!
And here are a couple of pics up the new room.. I still have a few things to wrap up but over all done 8)

Filling up the closet with all mys stuffs..


  1. Nice room! Love that Spartan, the physical weathering is really spot on.

    1. Thanks man.. my enamels came in so now I can actually get some more work done haha

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks man.. it's almost 100% but at least I'm in here haha