Wednesday, April 19, 2023

9 is a terrible number


Hey hey .. back for another post.. I've been crazy busy but I've been putting some time in at the painting table so I do have a bunch of stuff I've been working on. Nothing is completely done as I've been bouncing around as it's been a lot. As so 9 .. I've been painting 8 Termies and then I picked up 9 bikes.. wow.. 9 bikes is a big investment. 

First been working on this Dread.. So far pretty happy with him and I'll need to start on the fine details of paint but I'm also still messing around with the gore and I think it needs a few more strands. Thats still up for debate. 

I also picked up the new(to me at least) FW Sniper guy. He's pretty cool looking and I think will be added into my Mor Deythan as a Shade or a LoW. I switched up his base to match the rest RG. I also added the Raven to his left shoulder. 

Which then leads us to the bikes. I thought a large solid squad sounded cool but man it's way more of an investment then I originally thought and man they take up a lot of real estate on the board. They are looking good but man .. it's a lot haha

So.. that's where I am.. good progress and now that I've at a good spot on all of them it's time to start all the final touches and getting them done. This year I'm really hoping to have everything done much soon for Nova so I'm not rushing in the final hours before hand. I'd like to be completely done by July. We'll see if I can make that happen. Cheers!