Monday, April 4, 2016

Down and Dirty

 Hey hey ... I haven't just been working on Malifaux models, I've been working on some 40K stuffs but really haven't had much time and weathering takes time ..  it's apply this wait a while and then do the next step. Realize you forgot to do a step and them go back and redo that step. You know .  fun!
 I have to say I really love the look of the Recon Marines.. The heavy loaded down Marine makes for a tough looking guy. I think it also goes well with the worn and dirty look I'm going for the Dusk Wolves. The backpack is still in need so a lot of work and I had forgotten to paint his right arm red so I just went back for that. Once I get the new details finished up I'll go back with the mud.
 Pretty happy with the look so far..
 I also started working on the Laser Platform I'll most likely be using as a Thunderfire Cannon. I thought it looked pretty cool and would work well as a stand in.
 I worked on some chipping and streaking of muck. So far there hasn't been any heavy grime added.
 The treads and other metal areas will be getting some heavy rust as well. The gun hasn't been touched and I haven't really figured out what colors I want to use and if I want any glow effects. We'll see..
Finally a little work on the Deredeo .. a little chipping and some minor streaking but not a lot. I plan to get these guys done pretty soon so I can figure out what I like completely and them start moving on to the rest of the Army. If I have the time to finish up the whole army I'll be taking it to Nova..  if now it will be the Eldar again..  I have so much going on this year I have no guarantee. The Kickstarter fulfillment is getting ramped up so I'll be cutting a ton soon..  but we'll see.