Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Who's got some tape?

 I haven't been completely slacking. . lately I've been working on getting the Hornets moving. And that means lots of tape haha..  they are smaller then the Falcon Chassis which means less space but some of the areas are much tighter.. Sadly I started taping the first one and working on it and forgot to give it the two coats of gloss clear I usually apply and one area lifted when I removed the tape 8( ... so in the above picture the area is tape off for repair.
 I have a bunch in the booth that needs work but at least they are moving along.
 I blended the black first as it doesn't require any tape. Just prime, paint blend.. I went from black to about 30% gray to blend the highlights. After I remembered I cleared them numerous times and started to tape the rest of the bits..
 I also sprayed the under guns for the jetbikes since I had the glue in the brush ...
Hopefully this weekend I get all three of them blended out ..

Monday, June 29, 2015

Arm the laser cannon

 So I worked on this a few weeks ago but haven't really gotten around to posting the pictures of it. I've been working on a few upgrades for the display board for Nova. There were a few things I wanted to make a little better or add a few details.
 I re did the middle and added in a two more portal areas upping it to three. I'll be cutting designs into these to make them look cool. I also have been working on other things to add and started with more step area but then thought maybe a design would be cool to add in. Here are the two different looks..

 I think I'll be going with the symbol design as I think it adds more to it as a whole and it will tie it together.
 The next part of the display is the vane, it was looking too plain and I wanted it to have a little more something. I added the design to the top and went with runes on the bottom. I also wanted them to be lit, I needed to figure out how I wanted to do it and to make it look right. So I made the vain hollow, right now I just jammed the lights into it for the test but the final will be attached vane tie downs insides.
 The hollow cut away.. spaghetti mess..
Here's the first lighting test, I only had purple lights so that's the test. I'll be ordering some more lights for this and more..  I still have more to do and time is ticking. I'm hoping to get on the laser again this week to cut the top deck and work more on some Acrylic which I finally ordered it arrived. So hopefully progress..  8)