Friday, March 10, 2023

This Thing Still On?


Sup all... been a long long time. I stepped away for awhile but as Nova approaches this year I'm picking up the brushes again. I realized that I really need something to work towards or I lose interest haha .. but I have been painting it's just not been miniatures. I've been painting other mediums like oils and watercolor. Just getting into some other things but it kept my skills up and feel like it actually increased some of it .. 

So I hope everyone has been well .. I've been starting to gear up and need to start checking out what people have been up to and see what's been going on. 

So this year for Nova I'm working on 10 Tartaros Termies, a Contemptor Dread and some Jetbikes. This is a quick jumping back in post but I'll get into the stuff a little more on the next post.