Blood Angels vs Chaos 1500 pts - March 10th 2010

Eldar Vs Witch Hunters 1500 pts - Feb 03 2005
This is an old 3rd Edition Battrep I had laying around.

Blood Angels vs Chaos 2000 pts - January 30th 2011

Blood Angels vs Chaos Daemons 2000 pts - December 18th 2011

2010 Campaign
We started a small campaign in 2010 to try it out, we were thinking of making a larger campaign but wanted to see how it played out. I made up the storyline and kept track of the win/loss records. Peoples schedule got hectic and we couldn't finish but it was a good test for the future. We are thinking about running a larger campaign soon. The Blood Angels did finish 3 and 0 though, whoot.

Story Opening
Storyline Part 2
Storyling System Information
Planetary Effects
Storyline Blood Angels
Storyline Necrons
Storyline Eldar
Storyline Tyranids

Blood Angels vs Necrons

Blood Angels vs Eldar

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