Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Super Busy Weekend..

But thankfully I did get some table time in. I was pretty surprised that I got to squeeze in some painting but with it being a long weekend I got some in there.

I didn't think I'd have too long so I started out just painting a ML Marine. The ML Tac always seems to pay dividends for me, he seems to hate Orks the most. In one game he pop'd a Truck, a Deff Dread and numerous other dudes so I figured he deserved to get painted. Still pretty rough, no details in there yet ..

Then I was thinking about the DC Dread a little more and got to work on his replacement leg cables and a few other base accessories. I added a little more stone grit to the base, added in a few skulls and a shattered Chaos Sorcerer staff.

While I was working on the Dreads cables I also finished up the Libs. Getting the GWire to form and glue was a pain but with some GS help I got them down. I need to clean up the GS belt a bit and he should be ready to go.

And the finally go my Revenant completely flash clear. Now to start the pin fest 8\ ..

Thursday, May 26, 2011

DC Dread

Last night while watching Ghost Hunters with the wife I started hacking on the Furiso kit I just ordered. Like most people I didn't want to have the standard static pose. I bent his left leg up so he's standing on a rock outcrop. I still need to run new power cables and green stuff him but not too bad so far. Only about 3 hours into him so far including despruing and some sanding.

He's not toally glued or anything, still tring to figure out the exact pose and easiler to run the cables.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bike Done ..

It look longer to get this update going then I would have liked. May has been a super busy month. But I got the biker and the kneeling stern completed. I ended up going with a different decal for the rear and didn't go with the wings on the fender. I was worried it would make it look a bit too overdone for lack of a better word. I was also thinking of putting some soot on the pipes..  I'm still debating on that.

The Stern guard guy came out pretty good but then I go to clear him and get something in his shoulder. I was trying out clearing with the airbrush which worked ok but if you let it set for even a little time it can gum up the brush. But anyway, I tried to get the particle out of his shoulder and it marred the clear 8( ..  so now he has some battle damage haha..  I painted some bolt gun on it, would be tough to get the color right as it's blended right there. oh well.. it is what it is.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tricking out the bike

I wanted to put something on the fender but I don't want it to look....  cheesey..  I came up with this, doesn't look like it's too much but enough to add a little something.

The second thing was the back. I wanted it to also to have a little something. I think I'm going to put the adept logo on there.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sick Weekend

This past weekend I was pretty much full of sick and then me releasing said sick. But that is neither here nor there.. 8) ..   I did get a chance to get some stuff done, be it in short bursts of energy..

I worked more on the kneeling Sternguard, Dante, a few standard guys while playing around with different ways to base coat and wash plus the biker guy. I did get a bit overloaded with the all the red so I decided to start messing with a Chaplin. I have to figure out if I'm going to free hand the shoulders or just break down and use decals. I ordered some Micro Sol/Set to see if that really does help. So far I've not been a big fan of the decal, it always wrinkles and ticks me off. Hopefully this will prove different with the Micro.


Stern Guy