Friday, July 22, 2011

About Time

With Summer here Family time has taken over, I've been working on some things but I just haven't had time to take some pics.

Been working more on the Land Raider, there is still a lot to do. I just started on the details so they aren't done and I have a Rhino I'm going to be using as a test for weathering. I don't want to add any to the LR until I know what it looks like and I'm happy with it.

Here's the Rhino, still needs a little more shading and I'm going to spray on a BA symbol on top and side door. Then I'm going to work on playing with some weather.

And some of the Eldar I've been working on.
A Farseer, So far mainly the main body is mostly done and I've just attached his head. So he still needs a lot of work. I also needed to finish up another Dark Reaper for a game so I painted up this dude pretty quick.

I've also built up another Wave Serpent, Falcon and a Vyper with SC. They are primed along with the Rev's Legs and I'm going to start working on them shortly. I built a 2k Dar list I'm pretty happy with and tested it against my friends Ultras with much success.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Working on stuffs

I've been working on an Eldar Farseer (which I haven't taken pictures of yet) as I've had the itch to get some Eldar stuff done. I built a new list and want to see how it will play out. But most of the stuff in the list I need to paint to get it complete. I need to finish up the Dragons I'm 90% done with and then work on 10 Rangers and a few more vehicles. I'm going to play test the army this weekend against marines I'm guessing so we'll see how it does.

I've also been airbrushing all my BA tanks over to match the God Hammer I sprayed up. I want them to all match haha .. extra effort and all but worth it to me.

Also started reading the 2nd book in the HH line. The books are well written so far but I can't stand traitors. Nothing gets me more irritated then seeing someone punk out their comrades (one of the reasons I'll never watch Saving Private Ryan again). It does suck that Horus was punked out but if he really was suppose to be the bigest and baddest of the Primes you think he wouldn't be so easily goaded into the whole situation that got him ganked. I like Tark and Loken but I'm having troubles forcing my way through it. It gets me fired up really, goofy I know but it does. I think the next army or at least painting project I may start will be a loyalist strikeforce of the defected legions.

I've also been putting some thought into painting something up for the Golden Demons next year .. not saying I'm expecting to win or anything but thinking about it as some friends and I may try to make the trip out there as they moved it from B More 8( .. BOOOO