Monday, September 30, 2013

He's getting big..

My Son's 1st birthday was yesterdayand we had the party as well. I've been working on his playground for awhile now but I also wanted to make up one of those face cut out things you see at amusment parks and the like. So Saturday I cut out the wood, primed it and then proceeded to paint this up. It was all made in a day so it's a little rushed but it went over very well. A ton of people were over and taking their pictures in it.. haha.. People asked me what I was going to do with it now.. and I have no clue haha..

Also, the playground is finally done (well, still needs to be stained but it's built!)
The kids loved it and it's nice to now have no major projects with my name on it .. there are few things I need to do but now maybe I can get some table time in and finish me up some stuffs..

Friday, September 27, 2013

I scraped my shin..

Some more work on the Wraithknight and it's leg seams. I started on the right leg and sanded up some then added more to the right.

While I was waiting on the Liquid GS to dry I worked on some details for the Crimson Hunter.

Nothing too major, was mostly adding black to the engines, adding some bone stones on and to the pilot. I wanted to get all the sanding down but I ran out of steam and headed in to watch Big Bang Theory with the wife. My Son's 1st birthday is this Sunday so I need to finish up a lot for that. After this weekend I'm hoping work stuff will calm down and I'll have a few weeks of no other outside requirements to worry about! So I'm hoping to get a good bit of painting done soon!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

I got noooo body..

Last night I played around with some of the colors on the Wraithknights legs. I'm going to go more purple with him instead of the blues I normally use for my Eldar. The Craftworld colors are blue, purple and bone so it will still fit well though. I wasn't expecting to get too much done (and didn't really haha) but I did notice a few things that I wasn't liking but I'll get to that in a bit. I started using some 3M tape and silly putty to mask off certein areas.
With all the different shapes on the areas of the WK the silly putty works pretty well. It always annoys me though, its nice it doesn't pull off paint but I do wish it were a little more "sticky". I'm liking the direction so far and right now it's only deep violet and violet madder on the model (plus base black). After the initial colors were applied I go back in with white to highligh certein areas and then spray the Violet Madder again. I will have to mix up two more shades, probably some Violet Madder + White and Violet Madder + Deep Violet. I don't want it to be too bright but I do want it a little brighter then it is.

On to the part I didn't like, sadly I didn't get pictures as I was too tired and went to bed haha... Since the legs sections are all pretty much glued together you'll have some pretty visable seams.  Normally when I glue it together I'll sand the seams before the glue is 100% dry. It's a neat little trick but the sanding dust and small grit will usually fill the seams and blends it all in. Sanding and Filing work the best, if you scrape the seams it probably won't work. I was building a bunch of pieces at the same time so I didn't get to file till dry and I ended up with some massive seams. BOOOOO. As I sprayed the model I really noticed it and it looks pretty terrible IMO so last night I started to Liquid GS the seams up. I broke out the sandpaper and worked on the right leg but was too tired to mess with the rest. So when done I'll have to start the blending over again .. and again .. BOOOO

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A little frayed..

Last night I worked on the Wraithknight base a little bit. Since time was still limited I didn't want to get into anything major. I added some wires coming out of the sheered off piece of the Necron cresent and added some of the scar marks.
I added some coloring to the wires to make it look like they were leaking whatever green neon juice the Crons seem to favor 8).. I also added some oil and rusty colors to give it a litte more something.

For the scarred section I carved out a few ruts in the base and then colored them black. I added some of the rust color in as well but it's pretty hard to see in the pictures. The base is coming along nicely and is almost done. Just a few more touch ups and that will do it.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I think I stepped in something..

Again not the best of pictures but you get the jist. I'm going to add some more debris to the base to make it look more like the Necron whatever is busted up some. I might make a few lines on the bases as well to make it look like it crashed to the ground.
I cut one section of the cresent off and glued a back plate of one of the Necron dudes to the bottom of the thing so it didn't look like it was missing something. No more details yet, just had a little time to work on the base and get the legs positioned and glued. Which led me to this awesome shot 8)

That doesn't look fun for anyone!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Get your Spray on

I'm back from Vacay and exhausted .. vacay means something totally different when you have kids haha..  But I didn't really pick up anything for myself on Vacation so went I looked on Amazon and saw I had a good bit of points I cashed them in and picked up a new Air Brush. I ordered a Iwata Eclipse HP CS, I've been looking at it and figured what the heck. Give it a shot. So far really happy with it, for having the smallest tip .35 it will spray just about anything... I didn't even thin model color to test it, sprayed it without issue. That's pretty impressive.
The Necron bits I ordered came in and I started to piece together what I wanted on the base of the Wraithknight. I also figured this would be a good test of the new brush..
The pics are a bit wonky so it's hard to see the details but they look pretty decent. I'm going to go back in with some more color and paint a little more by hand but so far looking pretty cool.

I started a new job this week so posts will still be a bit hectic .. hopefully it should calm down in a few weeks.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Progress is his middle name..

I primed the Wraithknight before Vacay and it's ready for some color. When I get back from Vacation the Necron bits should be in and then I'll add them to the base I already sprayed.
It's pretty plain so far but when I add in the destroyed bits it should look pretty cool. I think I'll have the Wraithknight with one foot on top of a bit and maybe some scars on the ground.

I also decided to just pose and glue this guy, I was going to Magnetize him but I think it might look a bit off and I want him to look very cool and with a nice paint job. I'll be going with the standard Wraithcannon build as I think it's the most viable. I already planned to pick up another Wraithknight down the road, sucks about the cost but it is a cool kit.

I'm going to order some new Comm Art colors and an Iwata Airbrush for this build and to finish the Revenant. I'd like to get both large models done at the same time.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Going in low..

I started spraying a little on the Nephilim Flyer.. I hit the edges with 60% natural gray then went back with 30%. Trying to bring out the edges and lines. I'll need to go back with some black and lower the intensity of the gray, it's a bit too much. After I fade that down I'll be going back with green on the wings, I want to bring in the Dark Angel colors some. I've been in an Airbrush mood lately ..  I think I'm actually going to order a new one soon. I'm looking at an Iwata brush. Waiting to see how money is after the Vacay is over 8)..

Monday, September 16, 2013

SPT UC0609 Ultrasonic Cleaner

A few months ago my cleaner broke, bi rhyme or reason just wouldn't work. I was waiting to pick one up for awhile but I couldn't handle it anymore. So I broke down and ordered one.

I went with the SPT instead of going with the egg shaped one I had before.

I didn't want to order the same thing since it broke with no reason. I also liked the shape better.
It's a rectangle so works better for the airbrushes instead of the oval shape.

I like the setup of the control panel better as well and you can actually set the timer up to 8 mins (though I usually run it though twice). It really helped on cleaning the brushes.

It's a little more expensive ($35) then the oval ones but only by $10 or $15 dollars. I've only had it for a few days so we'll see how the long term goes but right now I'm pretty happy with it. It's not too loud and cleans very well. Like I was saying the shape is better then the oval and can hold a good bit. It has a clear top but I don't think that's really a factor.Only thing I wish it had was smaller holds in the tray but I know it's not made for tiny airbrush parts. I'm going to put in a piece of screen I think, otherwise you'll have to pull out the tray and dig out the bits with your figures.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Such a Base Fellow..

I knocked out the bases for both Crimson Hunters and the Warithknight last night. The WK will get some add Necron bits added to the base for flavor (they were the chosen victim I chose and ordered bits last night).
For the Crimson Hunter bases I added some foliage to match the display board should they ever go off to battle on it 8) ..

I think I might add a few more patches here and there on the left base, the front looks a little sparse looking at the pictures now. I think they came out nicely and will match for sure. It will be cool to have both the Hunters done though I doubt they'll see a ton of action but they will look nice sitting on the shelf haha

I'll be going on Vacation next week so updates might be short or erratic, I do have a few things scheduled to post but other then that not sure how much I'll be online. So .. have a great weekend and I should be roughly back to normal starting the 23rd..

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Climb aboard DOGMEAT!

A little more work done on the Crimson Hunter, I did the white outlines and started working on the gems. I didn't get too far on it though. I worked on getting the Wraithknight as built as I wanted him so I could figure out the best way to Magnet him up..

If I would have worked on the Hunter the whole night I probably would have been finished up. I need to do some clean up and finish the gems and then paint up the pilot. But as I said I worked on the Wraithknight some too..
I have to say that the kit is very cool, there are a lot of bits to attach but they all go together very nicely and most of the time even snap in. I was shocked by how many pieces the torso had, you attach a ton of stuff but it all looks very cool.
He's mainly together, in the chunks I want. I spackled up his base and I'm trying to decided how I want him to be standing on it. And if I'll have some debris on it as well, I was thinking of some Guard bits like a tank turret but I don't know. I was also thinking of something Chaos but I don't have anything other then a hell brute and I don't know if I want to use that thing. It's just a leftover from the DV boxset.
I think I have a solid way figured out for magnetizing him. I will start with that soon, there are a few minor details to work out but I'd love to have him all Mag'd up so I can put on whatever I want. Though having him posed also makes for a better looking model. When you do lighting you typically work with a static lighting position in mind. If you move parts around that can change. And as I want to really play with some styling on this guy I might just glue him together.. I don't know yet haha though I can just make them as close to that one position as possible. They do give you multiple arms so that will help for magnetizing.

For his color scheme he will most likley be purple and bone. My Craftworlds colors are Blue, Purple and Bone, I don't want everything being blue .. I think it needs a little bit of a mix...