Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I paint the line..

So many lines.. so much time. I started working on coloring the lines on the Hornets and the Jetbikes. It feels like so much .. I'm not a fan of assembly line style painting but I need to get this done. I start off painting the seams white, then I paint a very thin coat of Aqua and then go back and apply another layer of thinned white.The above pic is pretty close to being done with it's lines. There is still a little clean up but it's close.
 Here's a pic of it with the added aqua before the white blend.
 And here is the first coat of white in the seams. I originally just painted white in the seams and called it a day (my old tanks) but to really make the lines look realistic I wanted them to show variation. Adding in the bits of green really adds more realism to the tank.
Right now I have one Hornet body, the gun covers and the rear wing sections mostly done. I still have to do the other two Hornets and then the jetbikes, Which also includes using thinner on a Qtip to remove any bleed over. That is a pain too but makes it much quicker to paint the lines when I don't have to hold my breathe as I work the tight lines. They are coming along and if I keep making the progress I am I should be good by Nova. I want to have all of these done by the end of the week. At least the Hornets. After I finish the lines I'm just going to concentrate on getting them completely finish and on the shelf. Hopefully this year I can be done a couple of days ahead of Nova so I can get some rest instead of being crushed going into it ..  that would be nice 8)

Friday, July 24, 2015

Spinning webs..

 Last night I actually got some stuff done. I have been on the mend for what seems like forever and though I'm still a bit busted up I need to get stuff done. Nova is fast approaching and I still have a ton to get done. I already had the new Nightspinner top masked so sprayed that up. I use colors to differentiate which falcon type it is ... The NS was purple but I switched it over to Green since that is the color I used for the Mono guns. The Facon and Hornets will have the purple now (Purple = Pulse Lasers haha). SO .. it's mostly blended out. Add another thing to the while line list (which is now massive)
 The magnets I needed for the Hornet guns came in so I attached them and they are pretty much done magnet wise. They are also on the line list and that needs to get done before I can glue them together.
 They really don't need many things now, not that those things are time consuming. Lining and Stones... the pilot and chair shouldn't take long at all compared to the other two parts haha.
 Lining is the next on the list so I plan to get started on that ASAP. Then the stones..
 The same pretty much goes for the bikes themselves. I haven't worked on the riders at all but the bikes are at least almost done. Lines, Stones, Panels and the seats.. so I'm hoping maybe this weekend I'll be able to get at least a few of them knocked off the list.
This is the large scale stuff I need to get done. The rest will be touch ups of my Aspect Warriors and a few other bits .. Hopefully I can actually stay health and get some stuff done!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Flying High..

 Over the past week I've been working on all the bits for the Hornets and Jetbikes. It was a ton of masking and blending they came out looking pretty good. I sprayed blue and then figured I need a little more added so added Purple to some of the bikes. I wanted a little stand out for a few of them like the Locks and Seers. So they started getting a little more love... which then meant more masking..
 For the one squad I went with a V design that blends out more toward the tip of the Jetbike hood. I might add purple to one bike like I did with the other squad but I don't think they really need it. It will come down to how it looks when they are all together.
 The other squad I went with a center line and added purple to one of the bikes to be a group leader. I didn't want them to all have them but figured it would look cool to have a little bit more.
 For the Seer bike the one I gave one a center purple line and the other I added a rear angle. The Lock bikes have the front blue angle. I also blended the wings on the back of the bikes and the engine with a purple glow.
 For the Hornets I added the engine glow and the vents as well. I wanted the glow to leak from them a little as well. The Hornets are honestly almost done. I have to line them which I'm not really looking forward to haha.. it's going to be a lot!  Hornets and bikes.. .

Here is some of the masking that I had to knock out. It was a ton to do .. sooooo much haha..

Friday, July 17, 2015

A portal to another space...

 I modified the Warp Vane design and cut out two of them. I think it looks pretty cool and the first step to a full Eldar board. Not feeling so hot today so just a few pictures...
I have a few more ideas and I want to come up with at least 4 more Eldar designs to have a complete Eldar Terrain Table. But that will be squeezed in when I can until Nova is over. It's getting close and I have a lot to get done.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Stand Along..

 I got the new stands made up for the Hornets and attached the magnets to the stand and model. I attached the guns to give it more of a look but you can hardly see them since they are just primed and are blending in a bit haha..
 But I think it's nice to see them at least coming together!
 For the Hornets I had to make a bit of a smaller vertical stand since there isn't much contact space and had to go with one magnet. I would have liked to go with two for stability but it's actually pretty good.
Next was to drill out the inside of the bottom section. You have to do this before attaching it together haha.. But I think it will be working awesome. I'm now pretty excited to get these three done. I like the way the Hornets look and I'll be excited to get them on the table painted up this time 8)

Monday, July 13, 2015

Top Decking..

 This weekend I finally got to work on the top deck for the display board. I wanted to add in some special parts. I added detail into the rear section with the steps, I wanted it to be more like that originally but the way I had made it last year didn't allow me to do it. So with the laser cutting I made what I was originally thinking about ..  I added in a stepped look with runes added to the back.

 I also made cut outs that acrylic will be going on .. this way you'll be able to see under the top deck a little better. I also put some designs on the acrylic to give it some pop and with the Flo Blue it really stands out! I'm very happy with it .. there are still a few things I'll need to figure out but that can be done without too much issue ..
 Nothing is painted at the moment which is obvious but that will be happening soon..
 I set one piece of the vane in there to measure and have a complete look. It should be fitting correctly so I ordered a couple more strands of lights and quick connects so I can still remove the vane when needed. Once they get here I'll start gluing them together and getting ready for paint..
 I also cut the lens for the middle deck with the added symbols and the updated top step. I had to modify the shape slightly but now that section is completely ready to move on! I love the way the lens came out and now stands out when the lights are on or off..
For me design is always a question of how much to add..  it's a balance that really makes something look good. Enough details to attract and keep the eye busy but not so much that it all just jumbles together. I wanted to add more runes in and I think I added enough to give it flavor but not so much to overload it..

Stuff is coming along ..  so ... hopefully should be able to be done when I need to be haha..

Pic of what the Display looked like last year as a reference... and there is a link to the right if interested in a gallery of the work in total..

Friday, July 10, 2015

Many bits to make it work..

 I got everything else all primed up and started working on the blends for the black. I'll need to go back and work on the transition blends more as they are rougher then I like. When the black blends are done I'll clear coat all the parts and then start the masking of the bits en mass. Argh.. so much taping.
I forgot to move the Nightspinner top back into the second shot ..  but it was done as well. Honestly I'm pretty happy with where they are. Once the blue and blacks are done I'll start on some of the details and bone. I'll still need to get the riders done for the jetbikes but they are atleast moving along 8)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

NOVA Charity BBQ and some progress

 It's getting much closer now .. and before NOVA Open there is the NOVA Charity BBQ. Which is less then two weeks away now. I'm going to try to make it but it's going to be tough for me with all the stuff I have going on and a big fact that my army isn't done haha.. I could bring my Malifaux stuff though..  who knows. But it's for a good cause. If you can make it you should 8)..  Link Here  <<<< if you'd like some more info.

Moving on to progress I got the Hornets main area blended. I also added magnets to the chassis and guns. The covers sadly need more thinner magnets. 8( ..   so I'll be ordering them up. but that shouldn't slow me down much. I now have a ton to prime and get black blended and ready for mask.

 Full masked but a little blurry haha..
 In progress of blending. They were pretty close at this point. I think these blends take about 7 different blues.. not counting the mixes I do between them..  if that was counted probably about 12 to 15 colors haha.. maybe it doesn't look like it should take that much and the first three layers aren't even that visible but it does add a depth. I might be going excessive but I don't think that ever hurts 8)
 The Jetbike guns are also almost done. Now I have to mask them off as well and get them cranking along. I really need to get those bad boys rocked out.

I think the Hornets came out looking pretty clean.. I'm going to add in some purple to the vents to keep it inline with the rest of the vehicles. I also need to make the final decision on where to add the bone on to them as well. Then it will be adding in the white lining... so many lines.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Crafty bits..

 So I've been trying to knock out some of the new Laser Cutting projects I have been working on. I've been wanting to make up some Eldar terrain for awhile and as I was working on the vane for my displayboard I figured I'd make a little something up. These are just the first cuts but they came out looking pretty cool. I might add in some runes to give it the Eldar look and I might make a few of differing size, maybe even a broken one. I'll be making a few other Eldar building designs to make an actually landscape .. not just a few pieces here and there. I'm looking to head to the shop on Sunday and will be making a few more pieces for the displayboard and a couple of other cuts I've designed up.
 I've also been working on making up Psi tokens. I figured these will be cool to use as reminders that hey this unit has Guide or this unit is Doomed. I'm also working on making up one for all of the Psi powers in game not just the Eldar powers. I also have standard tokens started like Warp Charges, Vehicle Results, Morale..   things like that. I was waiting for my transparent acrylic to come in so I can make a few other looks..
 I also have a little update on the skimmer bases..  I wanted to make a piece that would work on tanks that have already been built. If you still need to build the tank you can just glue them inside and go right to the bottom of the tank but what if the tank is done and painted? Well that is why I made the magnet holding piece. This way you can attach it and glue the magnets in and only require a little painting. No hassle.
So far I'm pretty happy with the pieces, still a bunch more work to do but they at least happy with what I gotz so farz  8)

(*Disclaimer* I've had a good number of people email about items but I'm sorry to say they are not ready for sale as of yet. We are trying to build up a number of offerings before we sell (if we do)).