Thursday, March 30, 2017

Break out the tape..

 It was time to get some work done on the Storm Eagle. I added another coat of putty and then started on it. I primed it up and then started to work on the blending.
It started out looking decent .. it might look grey heavy at some spots but when I start adding the weathering it will bring it down. And now it was time to start  adding the white sections which meant it was masking time again.
 Thankfully it's no where near the masking I had to do on the Falcons of my Eldar..  and they are all straight which makes it much easier 8) . I thought about adding strips to the smaller front wings but I figured it would be too much and again .. they are into shadow and what not.. I haven't taken pics of the bottom but the lines don't go to the under side. This was usually done to camo the aircraft better as enemies would be looking up and only seeing the bottom of the craft.
 They came out looking good and I started to chip and add damage. I went a little heavier on the SE then the FR but I think when it's weathered it will look awesome. Right now ever thing looks all clean and bright but there is no weathering added as all .. other then the chipping.
It's still a bit shiny as the gloss coat is still rocking it. I'm going touch up some over bleed and then start adding the metal work. On the FR i was trying to figure out the look so it took a bit longer. The SE is moving much quicker .. I think 8)

I've also been trying to get together by Imperial Guard and Dark Angel stuff. I'll be putting it up on Ebay soon. I'm never going to play IG again and I have so many tanks taking up so much space. I also want to get ride of the DA I have as I don't need 5 Marine armies... With making the Raven Guard I'll have too many... I have so many DA bikes .. like 15 or something.

Thirdly I've also been working on a Space Hulk / Aliens looking complex. I've wanted to make a Zone Mortalis style board and have been working on it here and there over the last six months or so.
 I wanted to make it modular and I want it to have the whole Aliens look. I was watching the movie and was really inspired to knock it out. I've made it large enough to handle models up to a Dread but also works fine for a normal 28mm model. I'll probably add some smaller sections down the road but right now I'm adding all the sections. I also have the T sections done and have some smaller blenders.
 I have moving doors .. some opening to the side and others more of a bulkhead style that raises up and can be looked in place if you want it open or open in smaller increments. I'll be adding some more pictures soon. I have about 5 more sections to cut and test. I'll also be adding a Med Bay, Control Room, Hanger, Cargo Bay and a few other things.
I also made them with tabs on the side that you can use to look the sections together so they are bumped the entire layout doesn't get shifted out of place. I wish I was painting them as I was building them but I have to test fit some sections so the painting has to come later. When I have time .. which right now I have little haha

Monday, March 27, 2017

Fury Unleashed..

 The Dark Fury Squad is done, here's the last photo dump of them. I think they came out looking pretty good and I'm loving the pop of the claws. It really stands out and adds interest.
 I added a little more detail to the backpack vents, adding some glow and black weathering to add some exhaust engines.
 I cleaned up the bases and added the black ring to tighen up the look.
 I also added a light glow to the models so show the claws are indeed glowing. I didn't want to go overboard as I said they are suppose to be dark and matte.

Now it's time to get some new moving along. I started working on the Storm Eagle. Now that I've moved the DF off the table its time to build up some Vets and Techs.
I've been mixing it up between vehicles and infantry to keep it interesting. I'm also looking into what I'm going to paint for the painting comp. At least one thing will be Eldar as I have to represent! 8) ... Maybe one of the new releases. Who knows..

Friday, March 24, 2017

All or nothing..

 This week has been hectic but I've squeezed in some time at night to work on these guys. Its funny but it seems like the final stretch is taking the longest to wrap up. Painting the claws took longer then I expected haha..
 But I'm liking the outcome. These are almost done.
 I also applied the weathering to them adding the grimly look. I didn't go as far as I did with the Mor Deythan but I did want them to have the same in the field feel.
 I still need to wrap up some of the final details which is hopefully won't take too much longer haha..

 I also started on the jump packs and they are mostly done other then a little white here and there to show more of the high heat.

 It's kind of hard to see but I did finish up the eyes other then final white highlights.

The final bit will be to line the bottom of the bases black and then I think that will wrap them up.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Drop in..

 This weekend was really busy and will be the upcoming week. A lot of stuff going on so sadly I don't see much time being spent at the painting table. I did get all of the wings base coated and attached which is cool. I started on some of the claws but didn't get as far as I would like.
 Right now I only have about three far along. I got some of the blue blends started but I need to add the final white highlights/glow area. It's a little too blue at the moment so when I add the white to the tips and edges it should lighten and smooth the claws look.
 I also added some more of the brass coloring to them to give a little more color and ties it together with vehicles. I added it to the pins in the wings and some of the clasps on the chest as well as some icons.
 Weathering needs to be added to these guys as well, it won't be as heavy as the Mor Deythan but it needs to be there as well.
I'd like to say I'll have this squad wrapped up by the end of the week but I don't think I can make that prediction as I'll be super busy. I having something going on every night this week that I'll probably be too tired. Once I get these guys knocked out I'll probably start on the Storm Eagle so I can have both of the Flyers complete. I'm still figuring out what I want to paint for the Capitol Palette but I think I'll be starting to work on some of those as well to mix it up and give me a break from all of the black haha..

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Balls of Fury...

 Last night I got a little work done on the Dark Fury squad.. I got the black blends pretty close to being done which is nice. I was tired of blending so I started working on the bases and went with a heavily rusted steel and copper look. I wanted to add some color to the bases to make them pop a bit.
 I went with a dark rust and then another coat of a medium rust but it was way way too bright. So I had to bring it down a good bit. I added some grime to it to bring the overall look down to a darker aged steel look. I left some of the raised areas brighter to show that these areas have new rust corrosion.
 I went with a copper/brass look for the pipes and other bits on the bases to break them up. I added some verdigris then went over the areas with rust and some grime. I'm liking the look and I'll probably add a little soot but over all I think it looks solid.
I got the rest of the wings cleaned and ready so I'll be priming them and attaching them. Once they are on I'll finish the rest of the blending and then it should just be the details and claws..

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Care Worn..

 The Las coil glow is no more.. If I wasn't going for a more realistic look I think it would have been fine but I don't think it would have looked right as a whole. I don't think it was terrible I just don't know if I could have been ok with it haha.. I like it looking cleaner and inline with the other Raven Guard stuff I'm working on.
 I also worked on the front iconography adding some text and detials like some highlights and powders. Its pretty much done but as I looked at the pictures I realized I missed three spots that I really have to clean up.Or muck up really.. I'm just a few spots light of adding dirt.
 For the guns I added some fatigue and then went in with powders and enamels.
 I also gave the guns a little extra purple to tie it in with the other purple reflections.
 I'm pretty happy to have knocked out one more RG piece and now I really want to get that Dark Fury squad wrapped up. They are moving along nicely..

 The rear stacks are heavily caked, I rusted the rear rings and added some fuel staining.
 I added a little spatter to the side, back and white areas.

The front ramp needs some more mud .. that's one of the spots that I think is a little light. I'll dab a little more on and then call it done.