Monday, March 20, 2017

Drop in..

 This weekend was really busy and will be the upcoming week. A lot of stuff going on so sadly I don't see much time being spent at the painting table. I did get all of the wings base coated and attached which is cool. I started on some of the claws but didn't get as far as I would like.
 Right now I only have about three far along. I got some of the blue blends started but I need to add the final white highlights/glow area. It's a little too blue at the moment so when I add the white to the tips and edges it should lighten and smooth the claws look.
 I also added some more of the brass coloring to them to give a little more color and ties it together with vehicles. I added it to the pins in the wings and some of the clasps on the chest as well as some icons.
 Weathering needs to be added to these guys as well, it won't be as heavy as the Mor Deythan but it needs to be there as well.
I'd like to say I'll have this squad wrapped up by the end of the week but I don't think I can make that prediction as I'll be super busy. I having something going on every night this week that I'll probably be too tired. Once I get these guys knocked out I'll probably start on the Storm Eagle so I can have both of the Flyers complete. I'm still figuring out what I want to paint for the Capitol Palette but I think I'll be starting to work on some of those as well to mix it up and give me a break from all of the black haha..

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