Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Care Worn..

 The Las coil glow is no more.. If I wasn't going for a more realistic look I think it would have been fine but I don't think it would have looked right as a whole. I don't think it was terrible I just don't know if I could have been ok with it haha.. I like it looking cleaner and inline with the other Raven Guard stuff I'm working on.
 I also worked on the front iconography adding some text and detials like some highlights and powders. Its pretty much done but as I looked at the pictures I realized I missed three spots that I really have to clean up.Or muck up really.. I'm just a few spots light of adding dirt.
 For the guns I added some fatigue and then went in with powders and enamels.
 I also gave the guns a little extra purple to tie it in with the other purple reflections.
 I'm pretty happy to have knocked out one more RG piece and now I really want to get that Dark Fury squad wrapped up. They are moving along nicely..

 The rear stacks are heavily caked, I rusted the rear rings and added some fuel staining.
 I added a little spatter to the side, back and white areas.

The front ramp needs some more mud .. that's one of the spots that I think is a little light. I'll dab a little more on and then call it done.

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