Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Every corner abandoned too soon

Yesterday ended up being ultra hectic, my wife had vertigo and I had to stay home with the kiddos. And they were in rare form for some reason, yay! Daddy is home lets drive him mad! haha.. When they went to bed I got my wife something to drink and then ran to the painting room!.. SILENCE!

I needed a break from painting all blue so I figured I'd work on the Seer a bit. Currently he's looking very Ulthwe but I'll be adding some more colors to him and blending the ones I already have on him. The Super red cape is really throwing a brother off haha.. looks very plastic Halloween style to me right now 8)
It's hard to see in the pics but the black areas aren't just black they are edge blends. I went with purple on the edge to keep the purple theme going on. I'm still working on locking down the color for his chest and sleeves. I was originally thinking of purple but I don't want to OP him, so then it was grays which are in the lead right now. I don't want to introduce too many new colors into the mix.

I will have to say I'm very happy with the ease of the conversion. I used most of the Seer and just the legs of a biker pretty easy peasy as I mentioned in a previous post. The greenstuff didn't take too long and blamO he looks pretty cool.

I did mess with the Jetbike a bit but I don't know if I'm happy with it. I started with just a darker blue trans level but it was too blended and didn't give much of a pop. I then outlined it and is now very visible but not sure I'm "feeling" it. I'm thinking I should go back in an paint around it blending it again or paint inside of the design. I'll probably end up doing three or four different things, hating it and then going back to the first thing I tried. Usually the way I roll! haha
On a completely side note I went to see New Order on Sunday night and it was awesome! Sadly I'm getting old and my ears have finally stopped righting. They ended up playing four Joy Division songs as well which was pretty damn cool. I wish they would have played them a bit slower, not a criticism just a comment. Whoot!

Monday, July 29, 2013

The way into my parlour is up a winding stair

If you read the blog you are probably as tired of these guys as I am haha.. but they are finally done. The bases are going to have to wait till the display board is done so I can blend them in where they are standing. Which means I'm really going to have to start working on that. There are areas I could touch up but for the time I have they need to be done, so they are. I painted my craftworld symbol on most of their right knee pad and a abstract spider design on their left. There are a few others here and there, as they were painted before and if I liked them or at least didn't hate them I left them. I'm glad to get these dudes off the table and move onto the next things I have to get done. Sadly I'm not really looking forward to getting 16 DA done haha.. That's alot and I'm so not an assembly line painter. I prefer to one and done, I think models come out looking better when you work on one and do all the details but when you are trying to get a ton of them done you have to do what you have to do. I always seem to miss something here and there, there are some areas that are ok..

I started out trying to list them broken out into solo listings but that was killing me so I just listed them all .. it's a bunch of pics.. haha. Hopefully they will be sucked into the warp less now that they are all prettied up.. I doubt it but hey I can hope right!

Friday, July 26, 2013

Who stole my Hog?

I got to finish up the green stuff on the seer. He looks a little shinny, some use water when smoothing and molding green stuff but I typically use Vaseline. It slows the dry time and works great on the tools. After it dries wipe off the sheen.
I'll have to trim it a little but otherwise he's ready for primer.

And a very unflattering view..
I had more time so I worked more on the spiders and they are now almost completely done. Thankfully.. getting tired of seeing these guys haha
Here is what the table looks like now .. it's most of what needs to get done. Thankfully the Spiders will be off it soon!