Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Datafax incoming

Boom.. it's 1997. And the first real Eldar vehicle is coming soon! haha.. Last weekend I was moving stuff around and I pulled this out. Like I was saying, I've been playing Eldar for a long while and I usually only pick up White Dwarf if it's something I care about. I can remember buying this 16 years ago, I was pretty stoked knowing I was getting a bad ass looking tank. If you played in 2nd Ed then these should be a nice blast from the past. If not, well this is usually how your vehicles were spec'd out.

You can see the old Wargear cards as well and let me tell you I hated having the cards haha.. I'd photocopy them and put them in a clear binder sheet so I could carry them all together. It's pretty funny reading some of them now and remember using some of the options. A lot of people didn't like 2nd and I can understand a lot of the complaints but I do miss some of the things you could take. Oh the mighty Vortex Grenade how I miss thee. It was the great equalizer, oh NO here comes Abbadon .. break out the holy hand grenade and poof. Threat removed, well there was rolling of course but when it happened it was awesome.
There's also a bunch of cool reading in the WD, a few missions and cool Battrep. The one thing I do really have to give the guys at GW, they can make some pretty cool terrain. Back in the day there was far less terrain available easily so you had to make it all. And I'd look at the terrain on their boards as much as the mini's being played. There is a pretty awesome looking crashed pod in this one. There is also a terrible Eldar Webway Portal made of cardboard in this WD you could pop out and build (but it was at least a cool freebie). Looking at it now it looks 100% Necron but back then .. Eldar where the oldest and highest technological race, which to GW I guess means they like to use Pylons haha

Last night it was a pretty boring hobby night .. cleaned all my Air Brushes and then primed a bunch of stuff so nothing too exciting.

I did add some base blues to some stuff and shaded the War Walkers a little more .. not much but a little haha

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