Thursday, July 11, 2013

Magnetizing Eldar Vehicles

I finished up the Magnet work I've been working on and figured I'd put it all together for a How To. 

War Walker
This one is actually pretty easy and came out looking very good. 
1) Start out with your Weapon Mounts.
2) I notched all the weapon mount slots to hold the magnet. This keeps the weapon close to the mount, you don't want it sitting too high. 
3) I used silly putty to hold the mounts in place. You don't want the magnet to move around at all.
4) Take the guns you want to use and trim the guide notch and file it smooth. Attach the magnets, I went a little back from dead center which seemed to align it to me.

5) That pretty much does it. Once dry check out the fit and attach the mounts.

Wave Serpent
1) The Wave Serpent takes a bit more work because there are more bits for the turret. You have the turret itself, then the gun and finally the outer covering.

2) The Turret itself is the easiest, the magnets just attach to the pegs.
3) For the guns you'll use two magnets for each gun. One on the turret side and one on the cover side. I marked the outer side of the guns so it was easy to keep track of which is the outer section (for magnet poles, the guns will only fit on one side or the other so don't get worried you might just have the wrong side). Attaching the second magnet will be slightly easier as it will pull itself toward the magnet on the other side, holding it in place and correct pole. But make sure it's perfectly aligned.
4) The covers are the last part and are also pretty simple. They are just glued to the rim of the peg insert. As long as the pole is right it's just attach and done. Again I used putty to hold them in place once glued.

5) That does it. Once dry start playing around with the bits and make sure you have the correct pairs. When done you can remove the gun and cover or just the cover. I'm just doing the Scatterlasers for the time being as that is mainly what I'll be running (go 6th ED Laser Lock!). But following the same Technique just magnet up your weapon of choice, the mounts are all the same. You will have a little more space between the turret and guns but it's so small it makes no difference. If you want it closer just trim the peg. Here is a pic of the standard glued turret.
I actually like the space a little more. When I was lining them up I was trying to figure out what I liked better. I did the first turret and since I liked the spacing I did the other two the same way.

The Magnets are N42 - 1/10" x 1/32" 

Fire Prism / Night Spinner
I thought I had made a how to for this awhile back but must have forgotten. It's pretty basic though so here's a quick write up.
1)When building the turret make sure you use the larger cover for the gun sections, I believe it's the Night Spinner Covers (they have the top vents on them). The barrels are different sizes and the Night Spinner barrels are much larger. 
2) Chop the barrels at the base and glue that to the turret. Attach the magnets to the base and to each barrel. Pretty simple. Now you can interchange the barrels and run whichever tank you want.

Falcon Chassis
I made a Part 2 showing steps to magnetize the underslung guns and the base. 


On any of the Falcon Chassis if you want to interchange the under slung ShurCats / ShurCanns just don't glue them in. They are a pretty tight fit so you should be able to pull them off and switch them. All I do. Nothing extra to be done.

Well that does it. Pretty simple. Down the road I'll make up one for the Falcon but as I never run those I haven't actually magnetized one. I also have two more Vypers to build down the road so when I do I'll make one of those as well. 

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