Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Oh Oh they're Magic..

Last night was magnet time.. I sat down and start chopping and measuring for the Wave Serpent and War Walkers. Thankfully I had the extra side pieces for the turret so I got them ready for magnets. I'll use Blu Tac or Silly Putty generally to hold the bits while gluing. You want the pieces to stay in place as a little movement could cause them not to line up correctly. In the back you can also see the War Walker gun mounts.
Once dry I took the side pieces and put them to the side.
Yesterday I was talking about how I was going to Magnetize the WW mounts. I was originally thinking about using a piece of plasticard but after I cut the bits I don't think it would have looked right. So I notched the mount piece instead, this way the magnet will sit inside and not move about. You can see the notch on the left piece in the pic above.

I glued the Star Cannons together and then trimmed the tab off the bottoms of the six WW guns. After flattened I glued a magnet to the base where it meets the mount. I was going to use two but they kept wanting to flip over haha.. so I think one will have to do.

I then started to chop the already built turrets. As I looked over the old turrets which are actually pretty dusty haha.. I noticed some bits that need touch ups so they will get a nice overhaul as I finish them up.The Magnets will just attach to the end of the side bars.
I didn't get to finish them all up and really you don't want to rush the magnets. Make sure they are done correctly and really think about what you are doing. I'm sure I've mentioned it before but I'll go over it again. When I'm attaching the magnets I usually attach them to something metal and mark the top of the mag with a marker. You always want to keep track of the poles of the magnets. I always make the marked side face outwards. This is a good way to keep track of which way you want the magnets facing. Nothing is worse then going through all this effort and then have them repel from themselves haha..

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