Friday, July 5, 2013

Will you walk into my parlour?

With all the 4th Celebrations going on I didn't get much done. This morning I woke up to go riding but wasn't in the mood so went into my painting room instead. I finished up all the base colors and started to blend the bone color on their helms. Or should I say egg, of all the Dar these guys are for sure the most egg headed haha.. I got some of the dark areas done and need to move onto highlights.
I'll then add some details to the helms and try to break up all the eggness. I used dark grey and highlighted the back carapace and legs. I also painted over the red blends on the guns so they are now all green. No blending yet.

I've also been thinking about my HQ choice for my Tourney list. I'm on the fence of going with two Seers on bikes or Eldrad. It's a tough choice, two seers means more casting and on bikes mobility. But, Eldrad is still awesome. Mastery 4 so I have a good chance to get the powers I want and his Wargear and Extra Abilities are nice. His Warlord ability isn't too bad for the Eldar ones either. If you have to go second it leaves your Skimmers and Jetbikes without Jink saves, it's not the same but if he's near and uses his ability they can at least get a 6+ or better if in actual cover. Still in debate.

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