Friday, July 12, 2013

Up the spout again

A little more progress on the Spiders, I worked on the bone highlights on the Eggtastic Helms and then started blending the energy chambers on the guns (green). I painted for a lot long on this then I meant to and I'm still no where near happy with it. I figure it's going to take at least 4 more layers of blending to get it to look like I want it to. Started with a brighter green then used a green wash and ink combo going back and forth. Now it will need bright green again and then probably a few yellow layers. Whoo Hoo haha... I also added the red to their chest SS and painted the green bordered bases black. They are getting closer to completion even if it's not as fast as I was hoping.

Depending on the list I run I think I'm down to needing:

Finish the Spiders
15 Dire Avengers painted (5 built which I have in the bit box at least so I don't have to get ripped by GW's new pricing on them.
3 Turrets for the Wave Serpents
3 War Walkers
Maybe up to six bikes.. or maybe none.
And the whole display board thing .. yikes

Well.. we'll see how it goes and if it comes down to it I'll just be taking what's already painted haha... I'll be finishing helping the parents move and starting soon will be building a big ol play / slide / swing area for my kiddies. Always a ton of crap to do haha..

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